SWATCH SUNDAY β€” Sally Hansen Rainbow Lights Collection πŸŒˆ

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Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

After being too tired to post last weekend, thanks to the 3rd Lockdown blues, I’m way too excited to share some gorgeous nail mail I was recently sent from the lovely folks over at Sally Hansen β€” the new Miracle Gel Rainbow Lights collection!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel β€” Tutu The Ballet

3 thin coats + Miracle Gel

First up, we have Tutu At The Ballet, which is a sheer-ish milky pink. The pink is subtle, so it makes a great neutral base. The formula reminds me a bit of Essie Ballet Slippers, which takes a bit to perfect — although I do find that adding the top coat helps smooth everything out quite perfectly. Not my favourite shade, but I do love grabbing sheer-ish shades like this for the background base of nail art.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel β€” Sweet Pea

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat

Next up, we have Sweet Pea, which is a beautiful pastel minty green polish. This shade is absolutely Spring in a bottle, & I’m kind of obsessed with it. I always say how I’m not much of a green person, but minty greens like this are definitely the exception. The formula is really, really easy to apply, & everything settles very nicely, even before you add the top coat. Definitely a fan!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel β€” Sun-shower

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat

Next up, we have another bright & sunny shade: Sun-shower. Again, yellow is not a colour I really seek out for my nail polish stash, especially a pastel one like this, so I’m actually quite excited about it! The formula for this one was a little bit streakier than Sweet Pea, but the addition of top coat definitely settles everything out nicely.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel β€” Crying Out Cloud

2 coats + Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat

& last, but not least, I have my favourite of the collection (are we even surprised?): Crying Out Cloud. We all know how much I love a periwinkle, cornflower blue shade, & this one is quite lovely. The formula is lovely & smooth, the colour is just light enough that’s different from my other similar shades. I’m definitely in love. Without a doubt, it will become a part of my regular polish rotation. Plus, I so need to do a gradient featuring Sweet Pea, Sun-shower, & Crying Out Cloud.

Over all, I’m really enjoying this collection. You can currently purchase these Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shades wherever you find Sally Hansen sold. I do know this collection has been released both in Canada, & the US (the US collection seems to include two more colours, I believe).

What do you think about the Sally Hansen Rainbow Lights collection? Are you digging these pastel rainbow shades? Which colour (or colours) do you have to add to your stash? Let me know down in the comments below! & stay tuned for some fun nail are coming up featuring these pretty shades!

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