The Girl Behind The Nails

It all started with Buffy Summers nails. 

When I was 12, I was obsessed with them. I spent a great deal of my teenage life, trying to mimic them. That meant every time I went out shopping, I would search for the perfect pastel polish (and then beg my Mom to buy it for me! By the time I was 16, I owned about 20+ baby blue, creamy white and pastel pink polishes that I would reapply daily for that perfect Buffy worthy manicure.

And so the obsession began…

Fast forward a few years later, and my love of nail polish has grown to a full fledged addiction. In 2010 I discovered the world of nail art blogs, and found the creative outlet I never knew I needed. By 2014, I felt confident enough to take the plunge and start this blog as my own little slice of nail polish heaven.

6 years, one husband & two bubbas later, things may look a little bit different but the joy nail polish brings never will.

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