SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Hyp-nautical

Hello loves & happy Sunday! & happy long weekend to all who get to celebrate! The May long weekend always feels like the official beginning of Summer, which I’ll gladly take — even if they’re calling for thunderstorms today. Bring on the beach & BBQ!

Today, though, I’m throwing things back to a shade originally released for Winter 2020. What can I say — I like to keep you on your toes. This is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Hip-nautical.

3 coats + top coat

I’m not even sure how to begin to describe this shifty polish. The base is a darker blue that flashes purple or lighter blue depending on the lighting or how you move your fingers. It did take 3 coats for a full solid coverage — & the best shift — but the polish formula is very thin so it dries quickly.

Definitely needs a good coat of top coat to finish it off. Keeps that beautiful shine, & helps smooth out any brush strokes.

The shift between colours is actually very good. Maybe not as shifty as in the bottle, but I rarely find that drugstore polishes are. The flash of blue is very strong on this shade, which is just absolutely gorgeous! & I love, as you can see in this macro shot, you get all the levels on this polish in one shot.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Hyp-nautical is now part of the permanent core collection, so you can find it where ever Sally Hansen shades are sold including:

What do you think about Sally Hansen Hyp-nautical? Is this a shade that you would wear? Are you a fan of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

SWATCH SUNDAY — Sinful Colors Blue Me Away

Hello loves, & happy Sunday! & happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating.

Today’s the best day of the week because it’s Swatch Sunday, & those definitely seem to be everyone’s favourite posts. Today, I’m sharing a shade that I’ve had in my stash for a while, but haven’t had a chance to share yet: Sinful Colors Blue Me Away from their matte line. I purchased this shade last year at my local Walmart for (I think) $2.99 CAD.

2 coats, No Top Coat

The formula on this shade was a bit thin & very streaky upon first application. Even though I thought I shook my bottle quite well, I definitely had some bald spots. Second coat gives you the coverage you see above, which was almost perfect. You can kind of see on my pinky finger that I had a bit of trouble near the cuticle, but I feel like that’s more a me issue vs a polish issue.

The colour is a beautiful almost cornflower blue. This is the kind of blue I’m always drawn to which is why I own so many in my stash. However, I think this is my first matte version of this colour in my stash.

Close up of my polish.

Even without top coat, I loved how well this dried down. On their website for application, it suggests finishing off your manicure with a matte top coat, but I was impressed with how it dried on its own. Obviously, if I was going to wear this polish long term, I would definitely apply top coat to keep the polish on longer — especially because I can find matte polish can chip a little easier sometimes.

If you’re looking for Sinful Colors shades, in Canada they are sold at a variety of stores including Walmart, Lawton’s Drugs, & even Dollarama! Generally they retail for between $2.50-$3.99 which is a very affordable price.

What do you think of Sinful Colors Blue Me Away from their matte line? Do you have this shade in your stash, or would you wear it? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below & what shade or brand you would like to see next!

SWATCH SUNDAY — China Glaze I Got A Blue Attitude

Hello lovelies & happy Sunday! It’s a bright, beautiful sunny Sunday here on the East Coast, & I plan on soaking up all the sunshine today! & maybe pulling out a sun dress too.

A few days ago I did a few Instagram polls to see what kind of polish people wanted to see for this week’s Swatch Sunday. The results were: something from the stash, from a limited collection, & in the blue family. So I dug through my extensive nail polish collection & decided on this beauty: China Glaze I Got A Blue Attitude from the Summer 2016 Lite Brites collection.

2 coats + Seche Vive top coat

The formula on this shade is really nice — it’s thick enough it’s almost a one coated, with perfect application. I went with two, just to make sure I had perfect coverage.

The colour is this beautiful blue leaning purple with subtle, almost hidden, shimmer. You can sort of see it in the bottle below, but I think the thicker formula causes it to be absolutely hidden on the nail itself.

I love how bright this colour is — it really is great for Summer! It’s not really neon, but it’s very bright. If I remember correctly, this was the first shade I bought from the Lite Brites collection because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. & even after all the years, I’m still. very much in love with it.

I love a good blue, I love a good purple — so give me a blurple & I’m in heaven!

Sadly, as mentioned, this shade is from the limited edition 2016 Lite Brites collection so it’s not in current rotation — as far as I can see. There does seem to be a few listings on Google for it, so if you’re better at searching for those things than me, you might be able to track it down. But if you happen to come across it on your shopping travels, I definitely recommend picking it up, because it is a very beautiful colour!

What do you think of China Glaze I Got A Blue Attitude? Do you love this shade? Let me know down in the comments below.

Have a lovely Sunday. 💜

SWATCH SUNDAY — Essence Violet Voltage

Hello lovelies & happy Sunday! I hope the weekend is treating you well. We’ve had a beautiful one here on the East Coast & I’m so happy for sunshine!

Today’s Swatch Sunday pick is a shade I picked up last Summer when Essence revamped their line. I’m always excited when they switch things up — I own a lot of Essence shades, so I love when I can add new ones to my collection!

Today’s pick: Essence Violet Voltage.

3 coats + top coat

This semi sheer pearlescent purple has a beautiful glowing blue shine that hits at just the right angle. The formula is quite thin, which is why I did 3 coats of polish. It is a bit streaky, due to the pearlescent finish, & can show flaws on your nails if you’re not careful. I have a patch on my middle finger from a bad crack in the nail, & it shows that little bit of raise in my nail in that spot.

BUT that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this shade. That glow alone makes me fall in love every time I look at my nails.

& a macro shot of course.

This shade is definitely Y2K vibes. It also works well for glazed donut nails if you use one coat. I originally used it for my Glazed Donut Half Moons last Summer & loved how it looked!

I purchased this shade at my local Shoppers Drug Mart in their Essence display. Essence is also available on their website — although this shade is currently sold out.

In Canada, you can also buy Essence at Superstore/Loblaws. You can also buy Essence nail polish through their website as well!

What do you think about Essence Violet Voltage? Are you a fan of the Essence brand of nail polishes? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!

SWATCH SUNDAY — OPI Nature Strong Emflowered

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Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday! A beautiful sunny Spring Sunday here on the East Coast, which is lovely to see. So I thought that something bright & Springy would be perfect for this week’s Swatch Sunday post.

Today’s pick is actually a polish I’ve had in my stash since last year when I teamed up with & was sent some beautiful shades by them from the OPI Nature Strong line. Somehow, I completely managed to forget to share some swatches, so I thought today was the perfect day to share. Today’s pick: OPI Nature Strong Emflowered.

2 coats + OPI Nature Strong Top Coat

The formula on this shade was really easy to work with & apply. I’ve used a few of these different “natural” formulas over the years, & I’m always impressed with how you notice very little difference with these cleaner shades. It applied easily, in two coats, with full opacity. & it dried down quickly between coats as well, which is always a plus! The formula was a bit on the thinner side so I was careful not to over fill my brush, but I had no issues with cuticle flooding.

The colour of this one is definitely stunning. I love a good purple-y pink shade, & Emflowered definitely is my kind of pink. It’s vibrant & lush, & I’m kind of obsessed. Also, we’re giving off some Barbie vibes & I really like that. Maybe it’s the influence of the movie coming out soon, but I’m digging bright pinks right now.

Over all, I really like this pink, & the shades I’ve tried from the OPI Nature Strong line so far. The colours & formulas have all been spot on, & they’ve lasted pretty well on my nails, even through a long shift at work.

You can find the OPI Nature Strong line on, as well as a ton other OPI collections to choose from. I’ve kind of been itching to buy some new polishes, & there are a few shades calling my name (especially since @GrapeFizzNails has been sharing her own fun OPI Nature Strong shades on Instagram) so I think I might need to do a little online shopping… maybe for Mother’s Day? I’ll definitely do a haul of what I get in that case!

What do you think of this beautiful shade (or any OPI Nature Strong shades you might have tried)? Let me know down in the comments below!

Have a lovely Sunday darlings!

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