SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neons 2021


Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

It’s Swatch Sunday, & even though I hear the faint call of pumpkin spice, I’m keeping summery with some beautiful new shades from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — the new bigger & better neon collection! These shades were gifted to me in an absolutely amazing PR package that not only contained the six new neon shades, but also a bottle of Get Mod, to wear under the polishes, a bottle of Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat, a cute neon purse, gummy worms, & an adorable personalized bracelet!

The new neon collection contains 6 shades: Sun-shine On, Squeeze the Day, Electri-Lime, Floresc-Pink, Feelin’ Grape, & Chill Out. For my swatches I applied the polishes over a base of Get Mod, excluding my ring finger, so you could see how it looks applied without some white undies.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sun-shine On (Neon Collection 2021)

3 Coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

First shade is Sunshine On, a super bright lemon yellow with a bit of a green-ish shimmer. The formula is pretty thin, but builds pretty well on the nail. Even on my ring finger, which had no white base, it didn’t look bad. Obviously the white base makes it pop more, but I actually think I would love to wear it on its own, especially with some fun nail art over top.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Squeeze The Day (Neon Collection 2021)

3 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have Squeeze The Day, a shimmery orange with gold flakes. Like the majority of the shades in this collection, the polish is very thin. I’m wearing 3 coats on all nails, but I feed like it almost wasn’t enough on some nails. The formula was a bit tricky, which you can kind of see on my middle finger. I do love how it looks on my ring finger though — it looks really cool with just a hint of visible nail line peaking through. I can also see this as an amazing base for some Fall nail art, with maybe some maroon leaves over top.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electri-Lime (Neon Collection 2021)

3 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, is Electri-Lime which is actually a repeat shade from the original neon release. This was the first shade in the collection that I actually found was just as vibrant without a white base as with the white base. While my other nails pop slightly more, there really isn’t a huge different between the two application methods. The formula was nice & creamy, & easy to work with. I’m going to have to go back to compare, but it did seem slightly easier to work with than the previous version.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Floresc-pink (Neon Collection 2021)

3 coats, no top coat.

Next up in the collection is another shimmery shade — Floresc-pink. This bright pink has a beautiful underlying blue shimmer & a bit of a soft semi-matte finish when dry. Again, I went with 3 coats of polish for the best opacity. This was another shade that did well with both the white undies, but also looked great without. A very fun pink colour for super!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Feelin’ Grape (Neon Collection 2021)

3 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have FeelinGrape. Oh man, I wanted to love this colour. Purple is one of my favourite colours ever. But… the formula on this one was not my friend, & it makes me so sad. It’s very jelly like, so trying to get a smooth application over both the white base, or even your naked nail, wasn’t so easy. I do feel like this would be a fantastic choice for a water colour inspired look, but not so sure I would pick it for a full manicure.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Chill Out (Neon Collection 2021)

3 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Last, but definitely not least, is Chill Out, a fun shimmery blue polish. The formula on this shade was pretty easy to work with, & the shimmer gives it a different look. As you can see, there is a big difference between Chill Out applied over white versus my nail — without the white base it almost looks teal! It’s definitely a neat polish over all.

& that’s if for the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon collection 2021. Do you have a favourite shade from this updated collection? If I had to pick a favourite, I think I’d have to go with Floresc-pink as it’s such a vibrant pink!

If you’re currently on the hunt for this collection, it can be found wherever Sally Hansen is sold! I’ve recently spotted it at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as at Walmart.

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