SWATCH SUNDAY— Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat (& Easy Glazed Donut Nails)


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Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. It’s been very, very humid here in Halifax. Like — remember that episode of Friends when Monica is in the Bahamas & her hair just keeps getting bigger & bigger: that’s me right now. Haha.

Today I’m sharing something really fun that was recently sent to me from Sally Hansen. They always send the best PR packages, so they sent out some glazed donuts & the means to recreate the Hailey Beiber glazed donut nails — their new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat.

2 coats Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Ski Bunny + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat

I’ve been eyeing these new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coats, so I was very excited when I received this awesome PR package. For this look, I applied 2 coats of Ski Bunny then topped everything with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, or no, but I finished everything off with a coat of glossy top coat to seal everything in.

The top coat is a very pretty shimmery gold, pink & green shimmer. The glitters are very, very fine flakier (I think), but I did find the occasional larger glitter. Over Ski Bunny it gives it a very romantic colour, but I would also be very excited to see how this would look over a deep navy blue, or dark purple. Very perfect for Fall, I would bet!

Over a light colour, it definitely does give you the glazed donut nail look everyone is obsessing about. I definitely want to try it next over a more sheer colour — like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Central Pink — because I feel like it will look really beautiful.

What do you think about the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat? Have you tried any of the new special Miracle Gel Top Coats recently released? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below, & if you’re loving the new glazed donut trend!

Products featured in this post were provided in exchanged for content.  All thoughts are honest & my own.

2 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY— Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat (& Easy Glazed Donut Nails)”

    1. Unfortunately, I do think the chrome kits have been discontinued. If you have a Winners/Marshall’s/TJ Max around you, I know I’ve seen some of the other chrome kits being sold there. There does appear to be a few of the other kits available on Amazon/EBay but I didn’t see the holographic one among them sadly. 😕

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