Drag Marble Decals 

If you’ve been around a while, you’ve probably heard me mention before how I can’t water marble. I’ve tried to do it, I really have but the results never turn out quite right. So thanks to rewatching old Simply Nailogilcal videos on YouTube, I wanted to see if I can cheat at watermarble using my silicone mat, ala Cristine!

So for my first Drag Marble decal experiment, I decided to try a couple different designs that would sort of look like watermarble (if you didn’t look too closely). I did about 15 different decals using different polishes to see which colours/polish formulas worked best & picked the three best to apply.

For each manicure I used my silicone craft mat & a water marble tool from Bundle Monster. For how to apply decals, there are lots of useful tutorials on YouTube. I also topped all designs with my Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat.

Design #1:

This was the first decal I created & surprisingly it turned out awesome. I think that using complimentary colours makes for much more beautiful decals. Also I found the decals I did using a white base to start seemed to just look better than when I used other colours as the base.

For this drag marble, the polishes I used are:

  • OPI Angel With A Lead Foot (base colour)
  • Nicole by OPI Love Song
  • ORLY Gumdrop
  • LA Girl Sensation

Design #2:

I created this decal using more neon colours, along with the same purple as above. This design was my attempt at a spiral design. All my inspiration came from watching drag marble tutorials on Instagram.

For this drag marble, the polishes I used are:

  • OPI Angel With A Lead Foot (base colour)
  • ACO by Ardene Lagoon
  • ACO by Ardene Bright Lights, Big City
  • ACO by Ardene Kiss My Lips
  • Nicole By OPI Love Song

Design #3:

My final design was an attempt at the classic watermarble “flower”. I definitely need more practice at getting this style to not suck. However–there is not a chance I could ever do this with water so I love it!

For this drag marble, the polishes used were:

  • My Beauty Spot Unnamed Light Purple (base colour)
  • My Beauty Spot Unnamed Fushia
  • My Beauty Spot Unnamed Yellow

So how do you think I did? Which design is your favourite? I think my first design is my favourite! It just turned out so well (thank you beginners luck!) I’m definitely going to keep playing around with my mat, trying to nail that flower design. I think maybe some different colours might work out better.

As always let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 💗

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