Navy Blue Chevron Moons

I will never, ever get tired of chevron moons.  Seriously, there are just so many ways to do them! I painted my nails with one of the new polishes from Beyond The Nail’s Spring collection (that I won through Instagram) & thought they would look so pretty with some navy blue complimentary chevron moons. 

For this manicure, I used:

First off, can we just acknowledge how freaking gorgeous Glistening Fairy Wings is? I mean… look at those flakies, just look. The whole Mystical Dreams collection is beyond stunning & I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to win the whole thing! Sadly Canada Post smashed my bottle of Magical Fairy Wand (thanks Canada Post 😫) but the rest of the collection is safely tucked into my Melmer. 

Would you want to see a picture tutorial of how I did this manicure? I’m still trying to figure out video tutorials, but I could definitely do a picture tutorial if anyone was interested. I was surprised with just how easy this pattern was to create. Thank goodness for nail vinyls! What did we do before they existed?! Oh, yeah…. this. 

What do you think of these chevron moons? Let me know in the comments below! & definitely let me know if you want to see a pictorial  of how I did this mani. 

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