A Blast from the past with Saran Wrap Nails.


Do you ever try a new nail art technique, really like it, and then just never try it again–instead falling back on them same old designs? No? Just me then….

Last Summer I tried out the saran wrap technique for nails, and really liked how it looked. Then completely forgot about that cool technique. The other day I was trying to think of something different I could do on my nails when it hit me! Saran Wrap Nails! I’d already painted my nails using Essie’s We’re in this Together. So I grab a dark pink (Bourjois Paris 2013 Bon Anniversaire), painted over the lighter pink, then dabbed with pieces of a plastic bag I had around. And tada! Pretty saran wrap nails. I applied top coat, then finished them off with some glitters from OPI’s I Snow You Love Me (which I’m actually obsessed with) and then applied Seche Vite to seal everything in. Quick and pretty nail art!




Seriously, why have I not done saran wrap nails in over a year?! What a travesty!  It’s such a neat look!

Also, I’ll apologize for the poor lighting in my pictures–I took them out the back door of work, on a particularly cloudy day so the lighting ended up really funky.

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