SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Berry Fancy

Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday. Unless, of course, you to where in the path of Hurricane Fiona & are also still in the post storm darkness. I come to you, from my the front of our car where I am simultaneously charging my near dead phone, & using it as a hot spot so I can write up the blog post!

Haha, Hurricane or no, the show much go on.

Today I reached into my stash for another pretty shade from a few years ago: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Berry Fancy. This shade was originally released as part of the Sally Hansen Red/esign collection circa 2018, & was gifted to me from Sally Hansen in a super cute package. At the time, I was newly pregnant with my daughter (& sick all the time) so I only swatched 1/2 the collection. You can find those shades HERE.

2 coats + Sally Hansen CSM Fast Dry Top Coat

The formula on this shade is quick nice. It’s not a one coater, which would be nicer, but it does apply absolutely perfectly in 2 coats, & leaves a thick glossy finish, even before applying top coat. The colour itself is a beautiful dusty brick red, that leans a bit more berry side of things. It’s a nice change up, & definitely is 100% an Autumn shade.

Again, the application was really nice, & I like that this is a not quite red kind of shade. It’s kind of like a mix between a dark dusty rose, a brick red, & like… maybe plum? Either way, it’s a fantastic edition to my red collection, because sometimes you get a little bored with just fire engine red, you know?

This is also the shade/colour I’ve been heavily debating adding to my hair where I have it coloured. Currently it’s a not so great, extremely faded, purple-y pink colour, so I’m thinking it would be nice to go with something definitely for the ‘Ber months… since they are my favourite months, after all!

I peeked online, but it doesn’t look like Berry Fancy is still part of Sally Hansen’s regular core collection. I did find one bottle listed on eBay, used, but other thank that it doesn’t look like its an easy shade to track down. That being said, I feel like this shade probably has an easy dupe out there, so if you’re looking for a red/not-quite-red shade like this, it won’t be hard to dupe.

Let me know what you think of this shade, & have a wonderful day. Time for me to finish my camp stove made coffee, & pray we get some power soon! Have a lovely day darlings!

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