SWATCH POST — Sally Hansen New & Improved Good. Kind. Pure shades for 2022


Hello lovelies & happy Tuesday!

I know what you’re thinking — what day of the week is it? But I have so many fun polishes to share right now, I thought it would be fun to dedicate my posts this week to all Swatches! First up we have some shades from the new & improved Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure collection.

As mentioned last time I swatched this line, these shades are a more “natural” alternative to nail polish — they’re 15 free, vegan & plant based. They also boast 7 days of wear on the nail — I’m assuming, when combined with both the Good. Kind. Pure base coat & top coat.

So let’s take a look at the colours!

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Rock Steady

2 coats, no top coat

First up in the collection, we have Rock Steady, a creamy beige. This shade definitely feels very naked on my nails, matching my natural skin tone pretty nicely. It has a teeny bit of sheerness remaining with 2 coats, showing off just a slight hint of nail line. I like it though, because it really adds to the naked manicure feel.

Formula was smooth, & settled pretty easily, even without base or top coat.

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Love You Lotus

2 coats, no top coat

Next up from the shades I received is Love You Lotus. This beautiful dusty pink also applied in 2 coats, & once again was very easy to cover the nail, & smooth itself out without top coat added. This colour feels very lovely for Spring, as it has just enough brightness. We all know I have a complicated relationship with pink, but I do like to wear it on its own on occasion, & this would be a nice option.

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Powder Room

2 coats, no top coat

Okay, so you know — not every nail polish I get is a favourite, & I had to say it but this one is definitely not my favourite. Powder Room is a frosty golden shimmer, that gives me serious late 90s/Grandma feels, & not necessarily in a good way. The formula is like most shades this way, requiring careful application to avoid brush strokes. The coverage? Awesome. But it’s definitely one of those shades that I feel like — for me — is a bit too much work. However, that being said, I love this kind of colour for nail art accents, so it definitely won’t be forgotten about.

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Blue Moonstone

2 coats, no top coat

& from my least favourite to my favourite, we have Blue Moonstone. This gorgeous cornflower blue applied impeccably in 2 easy coats, with awesome shine. The colour is striking & beautiful, & I think I’ve already worn this polish twice in the week & a half since I got it. Flawless formula, flawless colour — I will definitely be picking up a back up of this shade just in case!

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Black Stone

2 coats, no top coat

Next up, we have Black Stone, a black cream. Again, we have easy coverage in two coats. Like Blue Moonstone, it has a really nice shine, even without top coat added. If you’re looking for a nice shiny black, with good coverage, & a clean formula, this is definitely one that I would recommend. I’m not a huge black nail polish person–anymore–but I do love them for nail art, so it’s always good to have a feel options in your stash.

Sally Hansen New & Improved Good Kind Pure — Mystic Topaz

3 coats over bare nail, no top coat/ 1 coat over Black Stone, no top coat

Last up, we have Mystic Topaz, a super sheer pink shimmer. For my initial swatch, I did 3 coats over my bare nail. The shimmer definitely came through, but as you can see the pink didn’t really show up much only nails. The shimmer is pretty, & I think over a nude it would offer a lovely subtle sparkle.

But, decided to try it over Black Stone, which I feel like is where this polish really shines! Over black, you get the initial POW of black shimmer, & when moving your hands, you can also get flashes of pink/purple. This is just one coat, so if you felt like adding more, I think you would definitely get more of an effect as well — depending on how many layers of polish you felt like working with.

Over all, I really liked 5/6 of the shades that I received, & poor Powder Room — it’s just not my kind of shade, which isn’t its fault. All the polishes had fantastic coverage, & my issues with application were really just with that one, which is kind of standard with that style of polish.

In terms of wear, I wore a manicure with Blue Moonstone as my base, & while it didn’t last a full 7 days — nothing does in my line of work — it did have good staying power during a busy barista shift, with just a few nails having chips. Usually by the end of a shift like that, majority of my manicure has chipped/peeled off.

You can find the new Sally Hansen New & Improved line anywhere where you find Sally Hansen polishes. I usually get mine from Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart. If you do try out this new & improved formula, let me know what you think & how they last on your nails.

These items were gifted to me free for review. However, all opinions are my own.

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