SWATCH SUNDAY — New! Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Vegan Nail Polish


Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday! Today I’m really really excited because I have some brand new nail polishes to share with you from our favourites over at Sally Hansen — 6 shades from their brand new Good Kind Pure line, as well as the hardner base coat & corresponding top coat!

This 100% vegan nail polish line boasts itself as being “nothing but colour” — it is 15 free which means it does not contain any of the icky things nail polishes sometimes contain like sulfates, parabens, toluene, etc. It also states that it is plant based. Honestly, this is definitely the kind of polish that I look for when buying polish to put on my kiddos, as I definitely prefer to use something on them that is more natural than what I might use on myself.

First impressions — the polishes themselves don’t appear to be as stinky as regular nail polish, which I love. The brushes are nice & wide which I always appreciate as it require less strokes. For all my swatches, I did one coat of the Good Kind Pure hardner, polish, & finished it off with the top coat.

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Almond Tan 

2 coats + top coat

First up, we have Almond Tan, which is a creamy beige. Application on this was pretty smooth & I think the wide brush definitely helps keep you from getting too streaky. The colour is a nice, milky neutral which I feel like is the perfect buisness-y shade for those who need something office appropriate. For me, this is an amazing shade to use as the base for nail art & it was the first polish I wore (as the base for a floral which I’ll show off later this week!)

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Pink Cardamom

2 coats + top coat

Next up is Pink Cardamom, a soft blush pink. Again, this is a beautiful neutral shade which I feel is a great office appropriate shade. This one almost matched my skin perfectly, giving me that mannequin hands look. The formula, again, was really easy to work with & I was able to get perfect opacity on this one in two coats.

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Eco-Rose

1 coats + top coat

Next up we have probably my favourite shade of all the ones I received, Eco-Rose. This beautiful pink applied in ONE COAT & it’s that dusty rose that I’m a little bit obsessed with. (Please ignore the cat hair stuck to my pointer finger, I totally didn’t see it until after I was done taking pictures). This shade just screams Spring to me, & I have no doubt it will be part of many manicures to come, & worn all on its own!

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Peony Origins

2 coats + top coat

Next we have another beautiful pink, this is Peony Origins. This is a nice vibrant fuchsia pink, which I really enjoyed. It’s vibrant & lovely & cheers up the grey winter-y days we’ve been having. I will say thought, the formula on this one was a bit thinner & runnier than the other shades I received which made application just a touch bit trickier than with the other shades. Still lovely though, & definitely a shade I’ll pull out to wear a lot! You really never can go wrong with a bright pink like this.

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Beet It

2 coats + top coat

Next up, we have Beet It, a gorgeous dark burgundy red. This is a Fall shade if I ever saw it. This was two coats for perfect opacity, although like Peony Origins I had a bit of a struggle with application because I found the formula was a bit on the thinner side. However, I love love love this colour. It reminds me a bit of Essie Carry On, which is one of my dark burgundy red shades of all time. I definitely need to do a half moon look with this shade & Eco-Rose because I feel like they would compliment each other so well!

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure — Golden Quartz

2 coats + top coat

The final shade I recieved from the Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure line is Golden Quartz. This shimmery champagne shade went on two coats, but I feel like it could use a third swipe to really pop best, as you can still see a bit of visible nail line with just two. I feel like you always need a good gold polish in your life, so it’s really nice to have one in this special formula.


Over all, I’m really quite excited about this new collection from Sally Hansen. The polishes I received from the Good Kind Pure line all have awesome formulas, & I was really happy to see that they were low order so you don’t have to worry about the fumes. This would be an amazing line to gift someone who is pregnant, or is looking for safer polishes for their little ones.

I also was really impressed with the fact that these shades dry quite quickly, including the top coat! That was something I wasn’t expecting, so I was happy that my nails were dry so fast! & the staying quality was also there — on both occasions I’ve worn these shades in manicures, I had no tip wear on my nails at the end of day, even after doing things such as cleaning my nail polish brushes (with acetone) & replanting a few of my plants. I’ll be curious to see how these stand up to long term wear!

The Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure line is out now! You can find them where ever you get your Sally Hansen polishes.


Have you tried this new collection from Sally Hansen yet? What do you think about these shades? I’m definitely going to be picking up a few more shades, including Sun-tastic (yellow) & Crystal Blue (baby blue)!

These items were gifted to me free for review. However, all opinions are my own.

2 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY — New! Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Vegan Nail Polish”

  1. I don’t know this new line! But I like the last 3 especially Peony Origins!

    I wonder if they will come over here to Scotland – we only really get the basic SH line and not that popular either.

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