SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy of Colour collection (Holiday 2021)

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Hello lovelies & happy Sunday! & a very exciting Sunday at that because today we’re going full holiday mode with Swatches of the Sally Hansen MiracleGel Joy of Colour Holiday 2021 collection. You might have seen that Sally Hansen Canada was so kind as to gift me this collection, & I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up the package! I’m always very excited when Sally Hansen releases a new collection, but add in some Christmas glitter, & I reach full on “I need to own this collection!” so I’m. very excited to share it with you today.

So let’s get onto the swatches!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Living in the Presents (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

First up in the collection, we have Living in the Presents, a lovely pale pink that is densely packed with small silver hex glitter. The formula of the pink is slightly sheer, but it builds well in two coats. I definitely could have gone with another, but I didn’t mind my nail line peeking out slightly through the polish.

I feel like this is a nice subtle glitter for those who want some sparkle for the holidays, but maybe don’t want to go crazy. You get the glitter, but it’s subdued enough that you can still wear this polish to work (if you work at one of those places that don’t go for crazy nails.)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel —Gift for Blue (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

2 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up in the collection is Gift for Blue, which similarly to Living in the Presents, is a pale dove grey densely packed with small silver glitters. Again the formula was smooth & easy to work with — the first coat starts off fairly sheer, but build to good opacity on the second coat. Again, I feel like I could have gone with a third coat to finish it off, but I kind of like my visible nail line peeking through.

Again, this is a lovely, sparkly option for someone who wants to jump on the holiday glitter trend, but doesn’t necessarily want it to be obvious. Also, in terms of removal I didn’t find that it was that difficult, especially with using a acetone remover.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Red It Twice (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

2 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have the third glitter of the collection: Red It Twice. This is your classic Christmas red, packed with a ton of sparkle The base of the polish itself is jelly, which gives it that squishy quality. It also can give it that slightly sheer finish, which you can really see at the tips of my nails (visible nail line). This is definitely a classic Christmas polish, with full on sparkle.

We all know I love a classic red nail, but add glitter to it, & I become full on obsessed. There is something about Christmas to me that just needs sparkly red nails. & This is a very lovely red polish, with just enough sparkle.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Wrapped In Love (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

2 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up in the collection, we have Wrapped in Love, a beautiful shimmery metallic berry shade. The application on this guy was a bit trickier than the previous shades, just because shades like this can be prone to brush strokes, but I think I did a not half bad application. Thankfully, the wide brush of the Miracle Gel bottles helps with needing minimal strokes because you can pretty much get the whole nail in one or two strokes.

The colour itself is very nice — it has that lovely jewel toned berry shade that works well. & the metallic finish giives me wrapping paper vibes. I already have plans to pull out some silver for some wrapping paper inspired nails! I think it would be so beautiful.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Under the Tree (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

2 coats + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have the shade I feel like everyone on Instagram was freaking out about: Under the Tree. This shade is a beautiful deep inky blue duochrome with a very, very prominent green shimmer shift. Again, application was super easy as the formula is not tricky at all. Some people might be able to get away with one thick coat, but I chose to finish it with two (just in case). I’m a sucker for a duochrome, & this one is vey beautiful. I’m definitely in love with it.

Honestly, I feel like if you were only going to buy one polish out of this collection, this should be the one you pick. It’s very, very unique, & such a stunning overall shade.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Snow What You Want (Joy of Colour collection Holiday 2021)

1 coats over Under the Tree + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Last, but definitely not least, we have the glitter topper of the collection: Snow What You Want. This is a fun white shattered glitter topper, which is densely packed with white shard glitters & tiny white micro glitters to give the effect of snow falling on your nails. When I first saw this shade, my mind instantly went back to the shard glitter polish trend of the early 2010s, but once I applied it on the nail, my opinion completely changed! This is such a fun winter glitter, & I’m kind of obsessed.

You definitely want to give the bottle a little shake before applying. This was one coat over the nail, & if you wanted a denser glitter finish, another coat was be easy — although I would definitely recommend waiting a few minutes between coats. I will say that you definitely want to apply one or two coats of top coat over the glitter for better wear — sometimes you’ll get a few glitters who don’t want to sit flat, & that just gives you better wear without having to worry about your glitters catching against anything.

& that brings us to the end of our swatches for the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy of Colour collection for holidays 2021.

Did any shades stand out to you as need to buys? Which ones are you in love with?

This is a limited edition collection, so if you see any shades you need to own, I wouldn’t wait to pick them up! Which all the shades are beautiful, my need to buys from this collection are definitely Under the Tree & Snow What You Want as I feel like they’re the most unique!

Currently you can purchase this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy of Colour collection wherever Sally Hansen is currently sold. Here in Canada, they retail for $14.99 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart. You can also buy these shades via

Let me know what you think down in the comments below!

2 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy of Colour collection (Holiday 2021)”

  1. Umm I hate to tell you that under the tree was supposed to be emerald green, not a blue green duo chrome color. And red it twice is a more expensive red carpet by Sally Hansen in extreme wear.

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading & for your comment. I was definitely disappointed to see that Under the Tree was different than the pictures in the advertisement for the collection, but was very excited to see the real life shade was much more my style!

      & I pulled out my bottle of Red Carpet to compare — Red it Twice & Red Carpet definitely have similarities, but Red it Twice has a bit more densely packed glitter in two coats than Red Carpet. However, if you already have one you definitely wouldn’t have to buy the other as they are very similar!

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