SWATCH SUNDAY—Dimension Nails Amazonian Manatee & Pygmy Sloth



Hello lovelies & happy Sunday! How crazy is it we only have 2 Sundays left until Christmas? I’m still attempted to get my Christmas presents together… the stress level is real!

But, I was lucky enough to receive an awesome gifted package from my girl Victoria at featuring some fun new goodies. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have gotten a sneak peak already, but Victoria sent me 3 brand new polishes from 2 new-to-me brands. & first up we’re taking about Dimension Nails!

Dimension Nails is a vegan, cruelty free Indie brand that is 10 free. That means it’s free of 10 not good for you ingredients including formaldehyde, toluene, & other really bad for you ingredients. Love that! is a seller for the brand here in Canada, but you can also purchase directly from the Dimension Nails website as well. Also interesting is the fact that some of her shades–including the two I received–are collab shades with others which is so cool!

Now let’s get to the swatches!

Dimension Nails Amazonian Manatee



Collab shade with @thecrueltyfreevanity

First off, I just need to say how excited I am that I got two shades that are PERFECT Christmas shades. I love it! Second, this is ONE COAT people! Victoria has left me a note saying how good this shade stamps, & so I was very excited to see application only needed one coat for perfect application. I love that! Also I totally was a daredevil & applied this shade on my bare nail without any base coat for my swatches, I was so relieved that application was a breeze with no worries about staining.


Come on, just how pretty is this shade? Also I love the shine even without adding top coat. Obviously if I was wearing this for an extended period of time, I would most definitely add top coat, but I do love it all on its own too. It’s such a beautiful colour, & absolutely perfect for Christmas. & the formula, as you can see, is flawless. Did I mention this is one coat? One coat of buttery perfection.


Dimension Nails — Pygmy Sloth



Collab shade with @vegansfrommars

Next up is my very first red holo ever! As soon as I unwrapped this beauty I did a little dance, because I couldn’t believe how much holo glitter was packed into one bottle. The base of this polish is a thick red crelly, & it is packed full of multicoloured holographic glitter. This is definitely the most unique red polish — glitter or no glitter — that I own. & I am a huge red nail polish fan, so that is same something.


For my swatches, I did two coats & let dry without top coat to see how it looks all on it’s own. It does dry down slightly bumpy, because of the thick glitter, but a little glossy top coat is all you need to remedy that. I also noticed that these polishes dried quite quickly, which I love. Maybe it’s because you don’t need super thick layers, or maybe it’s just the formula, but I was very pleased at how quickly they dried on their own. Definitely a fan! & the colour: I can definitely see myself wearing this whenever I’m craving just red nails on their own!


&, so you can really see what I’m talking about with the density of the glitter, a macro shot:


So that’s Amazonian Manatee & Pygmy Sloth from Dimension Nails. If you want to pick these shades up on your own, you can find them at , which retails between $14.99-$15.99 CAD (use COFFEE10 to save 10%) or on the Dimension Nails site starting at $12.00 USD. I think the polishes themselves are amazing, but the morals behind the creation of them is amazing!


Have a happy Sunday everyone! ♥️

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