SWATCH SUNDAY — (part of) the Essie Rocky Rose collection


Hello lovelies & Happy Sunday! & Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians–I hope you’re enjoying a lovely feast with friends & family. Today I’m very thankful for everyone who takes the time to sit & read the blog, & comment & like. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you guys. & I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for you guys.

Like being sent PR packages from Essie!

Today I have a couple of polishes that we’re so kindly gifted to me from Essie themselves! They sent me 4 shades from the Rocky Rose collection from this past Summer. The collection itself features 9 neutral toned shades & is described in the PR materials as “a collection that harnesses the sun-saturated grandeur of the iconic desert landscape.”

Can’t get more awesome than that!


For my swatches, I received the shades The A-bliss, Cliff Hanger, Set in Sandstone & No Shade Here. I will add, only two of the bottles came with the actual polish names on the bottom so I’m guessing based on the other swatches I’ve seen.

Now let’s get to the swatches.

The A-bliss



First up, we have The A-bliss which is a pretty soft dusty pink shade. You’re looking at 2 coats over base coat. The formula was amazing, so much so I probably could have done 1 coat if I was in a rush. It levels really well, no need to top coat. The dusty blue undertones of this shade make it perfect for the Fall/Winter season as well.





The second polish I received was Cliffhanger, a orange-y tan shade. Again, formula is fantastic & applies so easily that I very easily could have gotten away with one well applied coat. This shade is what I think of when I think of desert inspired neutrals, & it’s definitely a unique addition to my nude/neutrals collection. & even though it’s a bit of a warmer shade, I could still see this being a fantastic option for the Fall months.


Set in Sandstone



The third polish I received for the Rocky Rose collection is Set in Sandstone, which depending on the light is a peachy coral (almost yellow) shade. Again, you’re looking at 2 easy coats of polish & I have to gush again about just how AMAZING the formula on all the polishes are. They are so fantastic & it makes me so happy because shades like this can sometimes be hard to level down properly, especially without top coat. But these have no troubles at all.


No Shade Here



Last but not least we have No Shade Here, the most bright & Summery shade of the collection. This is ONE COAT of this intense pink, again with no top coat needed. The formula, again, levels out perfectly & the colour just pops on the nail. I wouldn’t really call this a neutral shade, but it is definitely a gorgeous shade for Summer & beyond & I can already see myself doing a half moon look using No Shade Here paired with Cliffhanger.


So that is (a few) of the Essie Rocky Rose shades for Summer 2019. These polishes can be purchased wherever Essie polishes can be found.


Do you have a favourite of the four polishes I swatches, or another one from the collection? Let me know which one you love most down in the comments below!

These items were sent to me for review. However, all opinions are my own

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