China Glaze Halloween 2019 Swatches — To Catch A Colour Collection



Hello lovelies & Happy Friday!

Today I’m switching things up a bit & sharing my swatches for China Glaze Halloween 2019. I know, usually I would wait & write up a Swatch Sunday post featuring these beauties, but I was too excited about this new collection to wait!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but China Glaze always makes my favourite Halloween nail polish collections, because they’re always super unique & fun for Halloween, but still work really well for other times of the year. This year, the collection consists of 6 brand new polishes: 1 textured shade, 3 regular metallic/scattered holo shade, & two fun glitter toppers.


So without any further ado, let’s get to the swatches!

You’ve Got Blackmail



First shade of this collection is the textured shade You’ve Got Blackmail. What you’re looking at is one coat over base coat, & no top coat. I love a good textured polish, especially one with a metallic base, because it really shows off the complexity of the shade. This one is so perfect for Halloween, with the black & the dark silver shimmer, but I do think it would be better with two coats to bring out the texture better–even though you can get opacity on one coat, it really doesn’t show off how gorgeous this polish is.


Green With Jealousy



Next shade we have from this collection is Green With Jealousy which is a shimmery teal green. This shade reminds me A LOT of Essence Choose Me! although I think this one leans a bit more green. You’re looking at 2 coats with no top coat, & in person it looked great, but looking at my swatches I definitely could have used one more coat for full opacity.


Arrest in Peace



Next up we have one of the two glitter toppers from the collection. Arrest in Peace (love the name!) has a multi sized collection of glitters in a sheer black base. For my swatches, I applied one coat over Green with Jealousy. I have to say, if it wasn’t Halloween I don’t think these shades would go together, but for Halloween they would awesome together. Obviously like any glitter topper, you might have to dig a bit to get all off the glitters onto the nail, but I was impressed with how much glitter you can get on your nail in one swipe! Definitely a fun polish to have for a quick manicure without much fuss.


A close up of the glitters:


Private Side-Eye



Next up we have my favourite shade in the collection–is anyone surprised? This is Private Side-Eye, a jelly like dark purple scattered holo. For my swatches, I did two coats plus top coat for full opacity & the application was pretty spot on although I feel like I was a little too careful around my cuticles because I had a little bit of streakiness there. The holo shows up so well, thanks to the jelly base, & I can see myself wearing this polish over & over again for more than just Halloween.


Pathological Liar Liar



Next up, we have another scattered holo: Pathological Liar Liar. I feel like I need to preface this by saying I really, really wanted to love this polish. & in the bottle, I’m obsessed with this shade. But… ugh, I really don’t. You’re looking at 3 coats of polish over base, & there is still some nail line/streakiness showing. The holo is there, although I feel like it doesn’t pop as well as in Private Side-Eye. The colour I love though, & I am dedicated to figuring out a way to make this polish amazing, even if it involves layering it over another rust coloured polish for undies. Because the shade in the bottle really does scream Fall & pumpkins to me, & I won’t let it beat me.


Get Off My Cold Case



Last but not least, we have our final polish & the other glitter topper in the collection: Get Off My Cold Case. This is one coat of glitter over Pathological Liar Liar & this is such a fun shade! The glitter is super dense & pops on the nail really well–even this orange base where the orange glitters kind of blend in. I also wore this over Private Side-Eye & it looked equally amazing with the orange glitters popping the most. This glitter could be worn over each one of these other shades in the collection & give an amazing new look to each one. Definitely a fan!


A close up of the glitters:


& shot of in (in natural light) over Private Side-Eye:


& that is it for the China Glaze Halloween 2019 To Catch A Colour Collection!

You can find these shades online or at your local Sally Beauty, NailpolishCanada, & anywhere else China Glaze polishes are sold.

So which shades are you dying to get your hands on?! Let me know down in the comments below.

These items were sent to me for review. However, all opinions are my own

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