Festival Ready Nails with NailStuff.ca!

Hello lovelies & happy Wednesday. Who else is ready for the weekend already? & not just because the Easter bunny will be dropping off all sorts of delicious goodies! In the mean time, I have some pretty Spring inspired nails to share with you.

I’ve never been to a festival before (like Coachella) but I feel like these would totally fit right in with the music & fashion. It really makes me want to pull out my maxi dresses & flower crowns.

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

  • Base Coat: Quo by ORLY Breathable Kiss Me, I’m Kind
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Rose to the Occasion
  • Zoya Blu
  • China Glaze Sun Upon my Skin
  • Quo by ORLY Breathable Feeling Free
  • NailStuff.ca Dreamcatcher-1 Nail Art Stickers
  • Latex Free Make Up Sponge
  • Edge Perfection Cuticle Barrier

These stickers are just so cute, I love them. Obviously I love to freehand my designs, but I could never imagine free-handing something this complicated on my nails ever! Even stamping, I don’t think I could make this work. But I love how they turned out so much. The feathers, especially, are just so pretty.

What do you think of these festival inspired nails? Would you rock them at Coachella? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! & share what Spring polishes your wearing on your nails this week!

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