Spring Essentials: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Review 

Winter finally seems to be leaving us, the days feeling a little bit warmer, which means it’s time to refresh my nails! Bitter cold Winter days can be rough on your nails, making them brittle, so sometimes you need a little help bringing them back to life.

I was sent Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat to review, and I was excited to try out this base coat. I’ve used their Hot Coral Gel Coat Color Polish before & I was really impressed with how strong it made my nails feel! So when given the chance to try out this base coat, I couldn’t wait to see if it would give my nails some new life after a long winter!

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is available to buy at Sephora for $30 It can be worn either on its own, or as a base coat under your manicure. The ingredients are designed to strengthen your nails while simultaneously protecting them from breaks. The pink tinge also brightens the nail, which can cover any discolouration.

Naked nails:

With Pink Gel Coat:

As you can see, my nails have some yellowing due to my nail polish obsession, which is why I don’t often wear my nails naked. But with the application of Pink Gel Coat it solves that problem, by brightening the nail bed and hiding some of that staining.

This is a great product for when you need something on your nails, but don’t have time to actually paint them. Not only does Pink Gel Coat dry quickly (within a minute) but it just makes your nails feel stronger. For me, I kept to one coat–it made my nails feel stronger for sure, but not too much. The very first time I used it I applied two coats under my polish & it definitely made my nails feel too strong (who knew that could be a problem?) One coat meant my nails felt protected, but still had enough bend to them if I hit them that they didn’t instantly shatter.

I’ve been wearing Pink Gel Coat for a little while now as a base coat, & I’m pretty impressed. It’s kept my nails strong, & so far I haven’t had any breaks which helps my nails grow out easily. Not only that, but when I remove my polish at the end on the night my nails seem to be a little less stained, & they’re definitely not as dry as they usually are.

I couldn’t do a proper review of this product without showing off how well it works for negative space nail art. I love negative space nails, but I am definitely self conscious of my yellowing. But with the Pink Gel Coat it gives my nails a healthy brightness thanks to its pink colouring and I can wear negative space nails with confidence.

To show off what I mean, I decided to go with a groovy Spring-inspired negative space Spring floral.

For this manicure, I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
  • ORLY Scenic Route 
  • Sinful Colours Hip To Be Square
  • Nicole By OPI I’ll Have The Salmon
  • Large & Small dotting tools

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is a great product that I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a base coat to strengthen and protect your nails. While the price ($30) can be a little intimidating, I think it’s definitely worth it for anyone looking for a good quality product that give them the protection they need to grow their nails strong. I would also recommend it to any of my fellow nail polish addicts who want something to help hide their yellow staining whether for negative space nails or those days where a full manicure is not an option.

Have you tried Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, or any of their other products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



•PR SAMPLE• products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.


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