A Peek into my Stash — Part One.

Warning: this post is going to be VERY picture heavy.

So I’ve been thinking for a while of going through my polishes, and actually documenting what I own. With it all packed away in it’s storage unit, something I forget what polishes I actually have. When I saw Confession of a Nail Polish Addict‘s pictures of her own stash, I was inspired to take the work to document my own. I’m going to be breaking it up into a couple posts, just because it would take a crazy long time to take pictures of everything, and then put them in all one post (that would be a lot of pictures!) So instead I’m going by my drawers — today we have the bottom two drawers of my storage uni.

So without further ado, here is part one of my stash post. =)



Top (L-R): Crystal Fog, White Out, Bridezilla, Golden Luxury.
Bottom (L-R): Lemon Sorbet, Hot Tamale, Miami Heat, Sunkissed, Pinky Promise.
Top (L-R): Take a Chance on Me, Flower Girl, Kiss from a Rose, Sugar Champagne (Sugar Effect), Bow Chica Wow Wow.
Bottom (L-R): Glitter Me Pink, Sweet as Sugar (Sugar Effect), Ardene’s Secret, Kiss my Lips, Neon Pink.

TOP (L-R): Summer Crush, Lollipop Queen, Party Girl (Crackle), Sugar Pop (Sugar Effect), 70s Disco.
Bottom (L-R): Dancing Queen, Purple Rain, Forever Young, Wish, TGIF.
TOP (L-R): Strawberry Blush, Sweet Seduction, Queen of Hearts, Misty Love, Sea of Beauty.
Bottom (L-R): Blue Marine, Lagoon, True Blue, Blue Tide, Midnight Stars.
Top (L-R): Air-Loom (Breathable), Electric Chic, Tea Party, Sour Apple, Green Peace.
Bottom: (L-R): Techno Green, Neon Green, Bejeweled, Love Potion #82, Blue Night.


Top (L-R): Lights, Camera, Action, Mirage, Once Upon a Time, Confetti Glitter.
Bottom (L-R): Day Dreamer, Black Swan, Tuxedo.



Top (L-R): Wake up, You Belong To Me, Choose Me!, Luxury Secret.
Bottom (L-R): Fortune Cookie (Cherry Blossom Girl), Rosy in Love (Love Letters), Gotta Crush on Blue (Love Letters).
Top (L-R): Mister Rusty, Sweet or Nude, Iced Strawberry Cream, Off to Miami.
Bottom (L-R): Break Through, That’s What I Mint!, Let’s Get Lost.
partone9Left to Right: Blow my Mint (Bloom me Up!), Steeling the Scene (Metal Glam), Petal to the Metal (Metal Glam), Baby Baby Ooh (Beauty Beats).


partone 10

Top (L-R): Gimme Some Glitter, Electric Graffiti (Shatter), Power to the Pink, Beach Barbie (Liquid Sand).
Bottom (L-R): Starlight, Peek a Blue, Shredded, Radio Super Star.
partone 11
Top (L-R): Lemme see your Peacock, Disco Lights, Tis the Season.
Bottom (L-R): Romantic/Relaxed (Mood Swing), Pomegranate Martini (Hard Liquor Scented).


partone 12

Top (L-R): Yellow Brick Road, Purple Neon, Red Carpet, Poison Apple.
Bottom (L-R): Mermaid, Chunky Blue, Venomous, Evil Queen.

partone 13

Top (L-R): Wild/Calm (Mood), Flirty/Shy (Mood), Peaceful/Calm (Mood).
Bottom (L-R): Unnamed Purple, Unnamed Pink, Black Shatter.


partone 14

TOP (L-R): Orange Creamsicle, Vintage Blue, Sea Breeze.
Bottom (L-R): Plum Illusion (Mosaic Effects), Black (Mosaic Effects).


partone 15

Top (L-R): Inner Sparkle (Selena Gomez), One Less Lonely Glitter (Justin Beiber), Back in my Gloria Days (Modern Family).
Bottom (L-R): Basking in Gloria (Modern Family), Scarlett (Selena Gomez).

partone 16

Top (L-R): I’ve Got Beiber Fever (Justin Beiber), What’s the Mitch-uation (Modern Family), Emerald Empowered.
Bottom (L-R): My Jay or the Highway (Modern Family), A-nise Treat (Gumdrops).


partone 17

Top (L-R): Ice Pop, Celeb City, Mellow Yellow, Coral Reef.
Bottom (L-R): Pacific Blue, Kiwi Bikini, Grey Area x2.

partone 18

Top (L-R): Lady Luck (Gem Crush), Scarab (Lustre Shine), Rose to the Occasion (Salon), I Lilac You (Complete Salon Manicure.)
Bottom (L-R): Jumping Jade (Insta-Dri), No Idea (Insta-Dri)

Whew! It was nice to go through and actually see everything I own but holy crap that was kind of exhausting haha. At least I’ll have a running document perfect for when I’m searching for that perfect color for my manicure of the day!

Stay tuned for part two coming soon…. once I get the energy! But first I’m going to go enjoy the gorgeous day outside because WOO! Summer!

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      1. I am afraid royal mail is not allowing any nail varnish in post 😦 it sucks

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