SWATCH SUNDAY — Color Club Black Magic

Hey Beauties & happy Sunday! & happy first Sunday of October! It’s officially spooky season. I’m breaking out my Halloween decorations as we speak.

It’s also time to start finding some spooky-inspired polishes from my stash to feature on Swatch Sunday. Honestly, I haven’t bought any Halloween polishes in a few years, so I’m running out of a polishes that work for Halloween, haha. This might be the year I need to add a few new ones to my stash. But — in the meantime, here in a kind of Halloween-y/Witchy polish: Color Club Black Magic.

2 coats, no top coat.

I’ve written about these Color Club holos before, & how much I love them. Walmart was selling the whole collection, & then had them on clearance, so naturally I had to stock up on a few. & I feel like everyone needs a black holographic polish in their life, so those moments when you’re feeling moody — or, you know, for Halloween.

For my polishes, I captured my swatches with the daytime light in my light box, but also used the flash on my camera to get the holo to show up even better.

Formula on this polish was super easy to apply. First coat was a little streaky/patchy, but with the second coat we had the full opacity you see in my pictures. That’s also without top coat, but it still has a nice gloss to it as well. & the sparkle! Yes the sparkle is fantastic. I really like the flash on rainbow against the black base. & I think this would be a fantastic base for some Halloween nail art.

& obviously, we need a sunshine shot, because I really feel like you can’t truly appreciate holo until you see it in the sun. & she is stunning in the sun! Really gives off oil spill vibes.

What do you think about Color Club Black Magic? Is it giving you Halloween vibes? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below & share what Halloween inspired your loving right now, because I’m definitely on the look out to add a few new ones to my stash!

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