SWATCH SUNDAY — Spring Vibes with Londontown

Londontown — Mint No Chip (Spring 2020)

3 coats, no top coat

First shade we have is Mint No Chip which is a soft mint cream. The formula on this guy was a. bit tricky for me, & I ended up needing 3 coats on most nails for perfect application. Not ideal with nail polish, because it definitely takes longer to dry, but the colour is very Spring-y, & when wearing it on its own with a quick dry top coat, I didn’t find it took too, too long to fully dry. The colour, though, is great — I love anything soft & pastel like this, especially now that we’re getting so close to actual Spring.

Also, it gives me definitely Buffy season 1 vibes.

Londontown — Briolette (Summer 2018)

2* coats, no top coat

The second shade perfect for Spring, is Londontown Briolette, a soft & delicate lavender cream. This shade was mostly 2 coats, although I did find I had to go through on a few nails & touch up with a third coat. Again, this can be a pastel issue, so I’m not sure mad about it. The colour itself is very soft & girlie, & very Spring-y. It’s also not super crazy, so I feel like this is a great everyday colour for those who maybe don’t want anything over the top for a Spring manicure.

I definitely already plan on using this as the base for a floral.

How are you feeling about these pretty pastel shades — are you embracing those Spring vibes? Have you ever tried Londontown nail polishes before?

Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below! & shade which Spring shade you’re obsessed with right now.

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