FASHION FRIDAY — A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hello lovely & happy Friday! It feels like absolutely forever since I posted anything Fashion Friday. Winter did not inspire me in the least. But now the days are warmer & I’ve been feeling inspired to dress up again.

So truth be told, I’m a bit of an emotional clothes hoarder. I hold on to clothing the way some people hold onto photo albums — I revisit them, remembering the people & moments attached to them. I love pulling out old clothes I haven’t worn in a while, just to take a quick walk down memory lane. So just for fun, I decided to pull a few dresses from lifetimes past, & do a quick then & now.

Originally worn: My grandparents 60th (I think) wedding anniversary, 2003.

First up this beautiful blue tiered dress that I actually stole from my mother’s closet (she originally bought it in 1983). I clearly remembering picking this dress out to wear for the anniversary part because it reminded me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, & 16 year old me was Sex & the City obsessed. I’m definitely going to need to get this dress tailored so that I can wear it again, because I forgot how pretty I feel when I’m wearing it!

Originally Worn: 2010

I originally found this dress during a thrift store adventure, & bought it because it felt very Buffy season 3 to me. But I’ve kept it because I feel like it has a classic look to it that can be worn for a variety of occasions. &, of course, it reminds me of Buffy. Which, as we know, is my forever icon.

Originally Worn: New Year’s Eve 2005

My movie star shipwrecked on a island dress. I found this beauty at a vintage store I used to shop at obsessively in my late teenage years, & bought it never actually knowing if I would actually have an occasion to wear it. That was, until we threw a tropical inspired New Years Eve party. I’ve sadly only ever worn it the once, but hopefully another opportunity arises soon!

Originally Worn: My High School Graduation, 2004.

Who doesn’t love a little black dress? I bought this pretty dress at Reitman’s (back in the day when they still sold prom dresses) & I think it was on sale for like $15 or something silly. I always loved the tulle material — I’m a sucker for anything that makes me feel like a ballerina. Also this dress totally reminds me of the dress Keira Knightly wore to the King Arthur premiere the same year, so we’re basically style twins.

Originally Worn: July 2013, my cousins wedding in PEI.

Not but not least, I have this beautiful vibrant H&M dress I splurged on for my cousins wedding which was my first official family event with my husband. (This was our first official “couple” photo as well). I’ve only ever worn this dress the once, although I have loaned it out to others, so I completely forgot how see through it is. Haha. But I do adore how tanned it makes me look, so I’ll definitely need to bring it out again someday in the future when we’re no longer in lockdown.

What do you think about this walk down fashion memory lane? What clothing items do you keep around, with memories attached? Let me know down in the comments below!

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