SWATCH SUNDAY — Color Club The Uptown (The Original version & New!)

Hello lovelies & Happy Sunday! The first Swatch Sunday of 2021! I decided for today’s post I would do a comparison I’ve been meaning to do for a while: the comparison between the original version of Color Club The Uptown & the reformulation of the Uptown.

The original version of this shade, released I. 2013, was a beautiful jelly purple packed full of iridescent flakies. But at some point, like what seems to happen with all the best polishes, is they decided to take this perfect polish & reformulate it into a metallic purple with gold shimmer. So let’s take a look at both!

Color Club – The Uptown (original formula)

The original formula of this polish is a super jelly purple, that is packed full of stunning iridescent flakies. In the bottle, the flakes are a beautiful flash of blue, gold, red — so many shades.

4 coats, no top coat.

The one thing about this shade is that it’s super, super sheer. This is four coat of polish which as you can see, still shows off some nail line. Usually I would wear this shade with some kind of undies, to avoid having to apply so many coats (dark purple, navy & black are personal favourites). That being said, I do love the lighter purple of it all on its own — I just wish it wasn’t such a pain to get it to look like this. I might have to try it with some nude polish underneath to see what it looks like.

Over all, I really do love this shade, which is why I bought myself a few back up bottles when I found out they were changing the formula, because I enjoy pulling it out when I’m craving flakies.

Color Club – The Uptown (New Formula)

I’ll be honest, I originally had no intention of buying the new version of Color Club The Uptown, mostly because I love the original & I absolutely HATE when nail polish companies mess with a good thing *cough*Pacific Blue*cough* but I found a bottle of the new version on clearance at my local Lawton’s & figured… why not?

As you can see, the new formula is a metallic purple shade, with pink & gold shimmer.

2 coats, no top coat

So first difference you can see, is that the formula is way, way different. Obviously, I much prefer a two coat application, but the shimmer & metallic finish lacks the striking finish of the original. It’s pretty, for sure, but I’m sure I have another purple pretty similar already in my stash. The finish is really nice though, with a great shine — this was without too coat, & the polish really held that gloss. I almost expected a matte finish, but I was way off.

Overall, not my favourite purple, & definitely doesn’t live up to the original, but I don’t hate it.

Just for fun, here is a side by side of the two shades.

Looking at both shades, which one is your favourite version of The Uptown? Do you prefer the original, or are you digging on the new version?

Let me know in the comments below!

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