SWATCH SUNDAY — Starrily Nails Vantablack & Magma


Hello lovelies & Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week. Here in Halifax, we have the remnants of a Hurricane passing over us, which is just making it feel even more like Fall. But I’m super excited because I came home Friday to a super exciting package featuring some truly awesome polishes!

& I’m really excited to share two of those shades in today’s post! As always, if you like any of these shades & want to order from NailStuff, you can use my affiliate code COFFEE10 & save 10% off your order.

Starrily Nails – Vantablack

One Coat!

First up, we have probably the most beautiful (& smoothest) black nail polish I’ve ever owned — Vantablack! The polish is a very rich deep black, & I had no issues applying it in one coat.

This is my first time with an actual polish from Starrily (I previously bought two of their holo toppers) & I am very impressed with everything about it! Dry time was quick, opacity was full, & like I said, the formula is very smooth. I can’t wait to try stamping with this next, as I have no doubt it’s going to be amazing!

Starrily Nails — Magma

One coat over Vantablack

Next up we have one of the coolest nail polishes I’ve probably ever owned—Starrily Magma. I’ve been wanting to jump on the magnetic polish train for a while; I bought a few mainstream magnetic shades back during their heyday, but have yet to try out any of the indie ones, & oh man have I been missing out!

This is one coat layered over Vantablack & the end result is incredible. The copper shimmer is stunning, & the end result almost gives me a galaxy feel. The colour is also very Fall-esque, which we all know I’m here for.

The polish includes a free magnetic which has three different options for a different look on each nail. I definitely think I need a bit more practice with the magnetic, but I can’t wait to try this shade layered over a dark burgundy or emerald green!

Look at that bottle close up. How gorgeous! So much shimmer & shift. Completely obsessed!

So what do you think about these two shades from Starrily? Do you own either of these polishes in your collection? Let me know down in the comments below!

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