SWATCH SUNDAY — Essie Summer 2020 Bustling Bazaar

-gifted/PR sample-

Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday!

Today I’m excited because I have some new, fun, beautiful Essie shades to share with you that were gifted to me from their Summer 2020 collection! I’m always excited for new nail polish collections, & I haven’t been buying a lot of polish in stores, so I was very excited to receive these shades.

According to my Google research, the whole Essie Summer 2020 Bustling Bazaar collection is inspired “by wandering through the bustling bazaars of Morocco”. I can definitely say just by looking at the shades that fill this collection, I can feel that inspiration with these shades! & if I can’t travel for real, I’m here to wear the inspiration on my nails.

So let’s take a look at the polishes!

Essie Summer 2020 — Spice It Up

Two coats + Essie No More Chips Top Coat

First off, we have one of my favourites from the collection — Spice It Up. You know how much I adore a good red, especially an Essie red, & this burnt red polish is gorgeous. The formula is so amazing I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but I applied two to show off how beautiful it looks. Obsessed for sure! Also this is a shade that could easily transition into fall with the right polish pairings, so expect to see more of this beauty in the future!

Essie Summer 2020— Souq Up the Sun

2 coats + Essie No More Chips Top Coat

Next up, we have this beautiful creamy coral called Souq Up The Sun. I’m not going to lie, I had a bit of trouble photographing the colour correctly. My pictures definitely look a bit more orange-y than how it looks in person — in person it’s a bit more peachy. The formula though is another winner; it applied smoothly & easily, with only 2 easy coats. All these Essie shades have the new wide brush, which definitely aids in ease of application.

Essie Summer 2020 — Kaf-tan

2 coats + Essie No More Chips Top Coat

Next up is another favourite of mine from the collection: Kaf-tan. This beautiful mustard yellow leans a little brown, which you would think would be awful, but it’s so beautiful & totally gives me those Moroccan vibes that collection is channeling. I’m totally here for it, & honestly I think it would also transition into Fall really easily. Formula was another easy one, with absolutely no issues. & I love that in a yellow polish!

Essie Summer 2020 — Bustling Bazaar

2 coats + Essie No More Chips Top Coat

Next up, we have the namesake of this collection: Bustling Bazaar. Okay, now this is a Summer shade & it’s absolutely beautiful! This bright aqua teal goes on smooth, & honestly, I feel like Essie has really stepped up in the formula game. No complaints on any of these shades! This is definitely a colour I would reach for in the Summer months, especially because I feel like it would compliment a variety of skin tones. For me, I feel like it really compliments my Summer tan. Definitely my next pedicure pick!

Essie Summer 2020 — Mosiac On Down

2 coats, no top coat.

Next up, we have this gorgeous metallic foil gold called Mosaic On Down. You’re again looking at two coats, but I skipped the top coat to show you how this shade dries down semi-matte. This polish probably has the thinnest formula of the collection, but when it comes to a metallic like this, that’s a good thing! Again, I can definitely see the collection inspiration in this shade.

Essie Summer 2020 — Worth The Tassel

2 coats + Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat

& finally, we have Worth the Tassel, which is a beautiful purple cream. I wouldn’t call this shade super unique, but the formula was another winner at two easy, smooth coats, & I will never turn down a beautiful purple! This would also look lovely pair in a half moon look (ooooh or gradient!) with Bustling Bazaar, so I’m definitely going to need to pair these ASAP.

So that’s the Essie Summer 2020 Bustling Bazaar collection. We’re there any stand outs to you. Like I said, Spice It Up & Kaf-tan are my two stand out favourites, but I think it’s in part because they will be great for Fall too!

These Essie Summer 2020 shades can be purchased wherever you buy your Essie.

I was gifted these shades; all opinions are my own.

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