FASHION FRIDAY — My New Haircut for Spring 2020

Hello lovelies & happy Friday! I’m back with another brand new Fashion Friday post!

Recently I’ve been seeing everyone with the haircut of the moment: the bob. Obviously, the bob is not a new hair style — it’s been around FOREVER — but I seems to be making a resurgence & after seeing whole lot of amazing looking short bob inspiration, I decided it was time to bring my hair back to life after almost two years of bleaching it! I needed a new & fresh cut & I knew that I needed this trendy hair cut in my life again.

For those who don’t know what my hair looked like before, here it is: faded blue ombré with long layers. & some sad looking natural wave that were kind of dead thanks to the over-bleaching.


& now for the after….

For my hair cut, I took inspiration from my short haired inspos Lucy Boynton, Natalie Portman, Lucy Hale & Emma Roberts. Seriously, I’ve been obsessively pinning haircuts that I love since the idea to cut it popped into my head. Although I loved the super short blunt looks, grazing just at the chin, we decided for the initial cut to keep it a bit longer & a little more layered just to see how it dries.

Styled straight:

& air dried (thank goodness I still have my natural waves post-pregnancy!)

Words cannot begin to describe how excited this hair cut makes me feel. I’m absolutely loving it! I had gotten in the habit of just wearing my hair in a bun as it was just so lifeless & boring, I couldn’t do anything with it.

But this hair cut is so easy! I can literally just wash my hair, add a bit of leaving in conditioner, & it looks as though I actually put effort into it! & I’m already thinking when I go back in a few months for a trim, I might even go a little bit shorter & a little bit blunter for the Summer!

Also stay tuned because I plan on writing a post about some cute short hair styles you can do, & I’m excited to get creative with some new hair clips (like my attempt above at the layer hair clip look).

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