My Hair Growth Journey — Tips for Growing Out Your Hair (that work for me)

Hello lovelies! I know usually I post about nails, but I wanted to change things up with a post I’ve been planning in my head for a while: my hair growth journey.

You might remember that I chopped off my hair last year, just before lockdown began. It was a fun change, but the truth is, I almost immediately missed having long hair. So around June/July of last year, I decided that I was going to grow my hair out again. It was a slow process at first, & it wasn’t until around January of this year when I made some other hair changes (which I’ll discuss) that I really saw my hair growth take off!

So I wanted to breakdown what I’ve been doing to take care of my hair, & transform it from a short bob, to what I consider the beginnings of mermaid hair!

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FASHION FRIDAY — Headband Obsessed (A mini haul)

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their Friday. This week’s Fashion Friday post is dedicated to my current favourite accessory — the headband. More specifically, the slightly padded & knitted headband that I’ve seen all over Instagram & Pinterest.

Here’s the thing — I LOVE headbands. I’ve always loved headbands. I have a whole drawer full of floral headbands I collected a few years back. & I’ve really been wanting to jump on this knotted headband trend for a while, but getting out to shop has kind of been a struggle the last few months. So I thought, now that I’m gearing up to return to work at the end of the month, it would be fun to get myself some new headbands. Plus with my new hair cut, I’ve been much more excited to actually DO things with my hair.

Cue a mini haul of headbands!

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FASHION FRIDAY — My New Haircut for Spring 2020

Hello lovelies & happy Friday! I’m back with another brand new Fashion Friday post!

Recently I’ve been seeing everyone with the haircut of the moment: the bob. Obviously, the bob is not a new hair style — it’s been around FOREVER — but I seems to be making a resurgence & after seeing whole lot of amazing looking short bob inspiration, I decided it was time to bring my hair back to life after almost two years of bleaching it! I needed a new & fresh cut & I knew that I needed this trendy hair cut in my life again.

For those who don’t know what my hair looked like before, here it is: faded blue ombré with long layers. & some sad looking natural wave that were kind of dead thanks to the over-bleaching.


& now for the after….

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