BODICO Stamping Plate & Stamper Review


Hello lovelies! Today I have a fun spontaneous review for you guys! For my birthday last month, my Mom gave me a present that included a few stamping plates from a new to me brand (BODICO) & I decided that it would be fun to review these stamping plate for you guys! I also asked over on my Instagram if you would like to see a review & it was a resounding 100% YES!

I asked my Mum, & she said she bought these stamping plates at the Great Canadian Dollar Store in Bathurst New Brunswick. I looked this brand up online & couldn’t find any more plates to buy, but I did find the stamper/scraper set on some random website. The plates themselves are all single sheets of metal, with a selection of designs. & each plate is numbered–I have plates B-03, B-12, & B-17.

& before we get started, I just want to say I am not a professional stamper–at best I am a newb. But I do like stamping, & I feel like I’ve been getting better, so I feel like that makes me a good person to review these plates as they seem like the kind of item a beginner might pick up to try out nail stamping.


Stamping plate B-03



First up, we have this plate that has a huge selection of single images from pizza, to Christmas to what looks an awful lot like Batman. In total, there are 45 separate images to chose from, which is always fun if you’re looking for something particular for a design.

In terms of easiness & transfer, this stamping plate didn’t work the best for me. I tried first with China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise & then shifted over to Essence Black is Back because it’s my favourite black for stamping.

As you can see below, the images did not transfer cleanly. I tried with both the BODICO stamper, as well as my NailStuff stamper & just couldn’t get a clear transfer. That being said, I wasn’t using stamping polish so I would be curious to try actual stamping polish to see if it makes a difference.


Stamping plate B-17



Next up, we have stamping plate B-17 which consists of a variety of images to cover the whole nail, as well as a few half nail designs. The top row as some really beautiful & intricate patterns which the bottom is a little more simple. I wanted to test out one of the more detailed designs as well as one of the simpler ones, just to get a sense of how well the stamp worked. Again, I used the Bodico stamper for both nails & Essence Black is Back as my polish.

Honestly, the images did not transfer very well at all. On the first nail, you can barely see the pattern at all, & the stars (which was less complicated) also didn’t pick up very well either.


Stamping Plate B-12



Finally we have the last stamping plate of the 3, which is stamping plate B-12. This plate was 18 different full nail designs, a variety of different images for different occasions. This is the kind of plate I love because it makes for quick & fun designs that are great for everyday. I decided for today’s review, I’d go with the herringbone pattern, because honestly that is the one I can see myself using most often.

As far as transferring from the plate to the stamper to the nail, this herringbone pattern worked the best. Was it perfect? Nope. You can see it looked best towards the top & got thinner towards the bottle. I don’t know if this is where my swipe of polish started, or where I first pressed down the stamper, but there is a clear difference between top to bottom that you can easily see.


Overall, the images really didn’t pick up all that well. Now that could come down to a couple factors, like the fact I wasn’t using a true stamping polish or the firmness & quality of the stamper.


In order to really see, I decided to test out a few of the images again, only this time I used my stamper instead of the Bodico stamper. I chose a selection of images from each plate, & overall there was definitely an improvement in transferring from plate to nail. Are they perfect? Nope! But the difference just switching your stamper can do to a higher quality stamper is evident. The only one there wasn’t a huge difference on was the first stamping plate (B-03). I think when it comes to small single images like that, a former less squishy stamper is always a better option. I’m going to do a bit of experimenting with an old firm stamper of mine, & I’ll update you in a later blog on if it made a difference.


So that’s it’s on my review of the Bodico stamping plate & stamper set. Honestly, I definitely think the stamping plates are worth picking up if you have A Great Canadian Dollar Store near you (or any else little place that might sell them) because I think it’s fun to have a huge selection of plates to chose from. The stamper… well I always believe in investing in good quality tools, so it might be worth splurging a little more on a great stamper. Again, I’m not a stamping expert by any means, but I do think it’s a fun way to create fancy nails quickly! (Especially during the holidays where it’s go go go!)

What do you think about this review? Would you like to see more reviews like this in the future? Let me know down in the comments below!

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