COMPARISON POST — My Favourite Cobalt Blues (Pacific Blue Dupes)

Hello lovelies & happy Wednesday! Today I have a special post I swear I’ve been meaning to do FOREVER but just never got around to doing — a comparison post featuring a few of my favourite cobalt blue shades!

I have done a couple of these comparison posts in the past, & they always prove to be popular, so I thought that it would be fun to do another. All the shades you’re about to see are inspired by my love of one polish: the original formula Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. If you don’t know, Pacific Blue was the most perfect cobalt blue polish that ever existed, which sadly saw a formula change in 2014… a formula change which led to serious uproar in the nail polish community. This led to mainly nail bloggers searching for dupes, & stocking up on any old formula bottles they could find… myself included. As a result, I have quite a few cobalt blues in my nail polish collection… & I wanted to compare a few of my favourites to see how they lived up to the original.

As you can see, I’ve selected 5 of my many blues for comparison… can you tell which ones are which from the above swatches? All polishes were applied over my base & finished with top coat (Essie Gel Setter).

So are you can see from my above picture, the five polishes I chose to compare were China Glaze I See The Point, Essie Butler Please, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, Sinful Colors Endless Blue & ACO by Ardene Lagoon.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue (original formula)

Let’s start of with my OG cobalt blue love–Pacific Blue. Honestly, this shade is probably the polish that made me fall in love with these kinds of shades in the first place. It’s one coater creme with a flawless formula that just applies smoothly, even after all this time. It’s a little bit dusty in colour & is honestly probably one of my all time favourite polishes of the 1000+ I own, & nothing else compares. I used to have 3 bottles in my stash, but slowly it’s dwindled down & I only half a bottle & a little bit left.

China Glaze I Sea The Point

Next up, we have an older cobalt blue shade from China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection — I Sea The Point. I didn’t specifically search out this shade as a replacement for my beloved Pacific Blue, but it was definitely a nice surprise to see how close it resembled my favourite. For the above swatch, I did 2 coats & finished off with top coat for that lovely glossy shine. & I would say out of all the shades, this one is probably the closest dupe to Pacific Blue, although it is definitely darker over all.

So, my next two polish picks were both purchased because of the fact they were touted as being great Pacific Blue alternatives… not quite dupes, but still fantastic cobalt shades that would make for a great alternative…

Essie Butler Please

Next up is Essie Butler Please, a slightly darker cobalt blue that, like every other shade, applied with two easy coats. Butler Please is definitely darker than Pacific Blue, & no where near a dupe of my favourite shade. That being said, it’s a very pretty blue that I can’t believe it took me so long to own. It’s definitely a shade I love to wear, even if the lasting power isn’t quite there.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Next up we have Sinful Colors Endless Blue, another not quite dupe for Pacific Blue. Again, this shade is much darker, & doesn’t quite match in the dustiness department. Endless Blue seems much more vibrant, similar in style to Essie Butler Please. It also applied on two coats, & needed that glossy top coat to finish it off.

ACO by Ardene Lagoon

& finally, we have a shade from back in my Ardene days–ACO by Ardene Lagoon. I swear, when I first saw this polish I could have sworn it was going to be a perfect match for Pacific Blue, but as you can see from above it is not even close! Again, this shade is two coats for application. It is more dusty than some of the other shades on this list, but dries down much darker as well with almost purple undertones. The formula, however, is nice & it still remains one of my favourite cobalt blues for when I’m looking for something a little darker & different.

As you can see by comparing all the polishes side by side, none are quite dupes from my beloved Pacific Blue but they are all fantastic cobalts in their own right. I’d say if any are dupes for each other, it would be Essie Butler Please & Sinful Colors Endless Blue. & even though they are all similar shades, I’m glad I own all of them, even if they don’t quite replace my fav.

what do you think of these cobalt blue shades? Do you have a favourite polish colour you can’t help but buy too many of (even if you have “enough” already?) Have you found the perfect dupe for Sally Hansen Pacific Blue? Share your thoughts & your favourites down in the comments below!

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