SWATCH SUNDAY — Julep Madelynn & Pahlish Seto Taisho (Teacup Soldier) {gifts from @manigeek!}

Happy Sunday lovelies! 💕 I know I skipped out on my Swatch Sunday post last weekend, but I’m back with TWO new-to-me shades, courtesy of the oh-so-amazing @manigeek!

Karen recently posted a swatch of the purple Julep polish Madelynn & when I commented how beautiful it was, she offered to send it to me! Seriously, how sweet is she! The polish was originally gifted to her by @dyslizakitty. I was super excited when the saw the polish arrive, & even more excited when I saw she included a surprise extra polish as well.

Julep — Madelynn (It Girl)

2 coats + top coat

Oooooh hello purple!

Beautiful, beautiful purple. This is 2 coats of this polish & Essie Speed Setter to finish. This imperial purple shade has a shimmer to it, that flashes somewhat pink–more so in the bottle than on the nail, although I did manage to capture it somewhat. I also adore the blue/violet undertones that give this a slight blurple feel.

As I’ve said before, oh, about a million times, I just love purple so much. & this is a very lovely purple. The brush is a little difficult, but aside from that I have no complaints. Definitely a shade I can see myself wearing repeatedly!

Pahlish — Seto Taisho (Teacup Soilder)

2 coats + top coat

So on top of my beautiful new purple polish, Karen also included a polish shade for me to enjoy! This beautiful pale aqua holo is named Seto Taisho (Teacup Soldier) & has a flash of shimmer, a scattered holo & is just all around gorgeous. This shade was originally released as part of the Mukashi Mukashi collection & guess what! It’s still available to buy on the Pahlish website!

Also after my first experience with the Pahlish brand, I totally went window shopping & now I have like 6 I want for my birthday in October.

Thank you so much to the oh so lovely Manigeek for her very sweet gift. I still can’t get over how kind the nail polish community is–it makes me so happy to have found a group of people who love something as much as I do, & are so easy to share the love (& goods!) It’s also inspiring me to do the same, so I a giveaway is coming soon! I’m thinking of arranging it in honour of my birthday, so stay tuned.

Do you have a favourite of these two polishes. Which one do you love the most? Let me know down in the comments below!

3 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY — Julep Madelynn & Pahlish Seto Taisho (Teacup Soldier) {gifts from @manigeek!}”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you likes, Shannon! Royal purple has a pretty special place in my ❤️ too. It’s one of those shades that always give me the #GrabbyHands even though I must have .. uh… a lot of them in mah Helmers.

    And the Pahlish is so soft and dreamy with that little pinky flash that you caught! I’m glad I could give you something that you’ve never tried before. Maker Shannon (hmm.. coincidence?) is responsible for some of my biggest indie polish loves & I hope this is the start of a really fab relationship b/w you and Pahlish!

    Thank you for sharing the pretty prezzie swatches with me! You made big smiles!

  2. Woo-hoo! So glad Madelynn made it to a loving home. You are right about the brush, not the best, but the formula’s good and the colour’s gorgeous. (I’m just in a similar boat to ManiGeek and have a plethora of purples populating the Helmer.)

    ManiGeek was the one who got me into the joys of Pahlish, too. That brand has some really fantastic ones that have become favourites of mine!

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