SWATCH SUNDAY — Claire’s Mood Nail Polish in Pastel Blue Mood

Happy Sunday lovelies! It’s my favourite day of the week… SWATCH SUNDAY!

Today I’m sharing a “mood” nail polish by Claire’s. & by mood, they mean thermal. Pastel Blue Mood is a cornflower blue polish that changes to a light pinky purple when your hands are hot. I fell in love with this line of polishes years & years & years ago when they were originally released & I think it’s amazing that you can still find these polishes in stores so many years later!


Here is the polish when your hands are hot, which is a lighter pinkish-purple shade. I achieved this by dipping my hands in hot water & then taking a picture. The formula itself is pretty good–not too thick or thin & applies in two coats for the opacity that you see. I did top it was top coat as I ended up wearing it after my swatches were done.


Here is the polish while cool, which is a cornflower blue (in real life) although it photographed more purple in my light box. Again, this was achieved by dipping my hands in cool water before photographing.

Down below is the polish when I just wore it regular & let it change on its own. This is why I love these shades so much–watching the way they transform during the day. Apparently my middle finger is the coldest of all my fingers? Not sure what that’s about. My only wish is that my nails were longer, because I love the gradient effect is creates on your nails. Also I noticed I saw the biggest changes when I was wearing it just on its own–waking up in the morning, working out, working in general… the pale pink really came through much more prominently. Maybe it’s because naturally I run really cold, it made it hard to get the polish to change lighter just by dipping it in hot water.

These Mood shades are one of the first polish types that made me fall in love with nail polish. It sparked my interest in the idea of collecting polish! & it also sparked my obsession with thermal polishes.

You can find these Mood shades at your local Claire’s for only $7 Canadian. Have you ever tried out these Mood polishes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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