SWATCH SUNDAY — Cadillacquer Nostalgia




Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday. It’s been quiet here on the blog this week, but I’ve been taking a mini break for content planning & I feel like there are some really exciting things to come! I’m really really excited for the direction Coffee & Nail Polish is going to take in 2020 & I hope everyone else will be too! In the mean time, let’s start off our week right with some new nail polish!

Today’s polish pick is Cadillacquer Nostalgia which is received courtesy of!

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Easy Pink Flower Print 🌸

Happy Wednesday loves! & it’s a floral kind of Wednesday. I mean, every single day is a floral kind of day, but with the less than seasonable weather happening outside I figured some more floral print was needed.

This is also a super simple design that I think almost anyone could do on their nails, so it’s a great design for nail art beginners. For this design, I decided to pull out my trusty Sally Hansen nail art pens.

The polishes I used for this design are:

I don’t know if you’ve used the Sally Hansen I ♥️ Nail Art pens before, but they’re one of my favourite nail art tools. I’ve been using them for years & years & I keep buying them because they are great for creating easy designs, from floral to polka dots to delicate patterns. In fact, I recently lost of my green pen (the joys of a busy 1 year old who likes to hide things!) so I will be purchasing a whole bunch of new ones on pay day.

For this design, I made sure my base was nice & dry & then went in with my magenta pen & drew the flower petals. Afterwards, I went back & dotted the middle with my secondary colour (Flip Flop Fantasy) & added some white dots with my white pen. Bam! Instant flower pattern nails with minimal effort.

What do you think of this easy flower design? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

SWATCH SUNDAY — Claire’s Mood Nail Polish in Pastel Blue Mood

Happy Sunday lovelies! It’s my favourite day of the week… SWATCH SUNDAY!

Today I’m sharing a “mood” nail polish by Claire’s. & by mood, they mean thermal. Pastel Blue Mood is a cornflower blue polish that changes to a light pinky purple when your hands are hot. I fell in love with this line of polishes years & years & years ago when they were originally released & I think it’s amazing that you can still find these polishes in stores so many years later!

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Mermaid Nails featuring Claire’s Mood Nail Polish

Happy Friday lovelies! Who is excited for the weekend to be (almost) here? I’m working all weekend but that’s okay! There is a Cheer Expo in town so that always makes it busy which in turn makes work speed by. I also just got a new smart watch & I’m so curious so see how many steps I get in on a busy day!

Today I’m showing off some mermaid nails! I actually can’t remember the last time I used my mermaid vinyls, how sad is that? Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ after all? For this design, I decided to pull out a few of my thermal polishes! Sadly I forgot to get any pictures of it in the hot state (which isn’t often–I’m always cold!) but I did get a whole bunch of before shots!

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

  • Base Coat: Quo by ORLY Breathable Kiss Me, I’m Kind
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive
  • Claire’s Mood Nail Polish Blue
  • Claire’s Nail Polish Mermaid
  • Layla Cosmetics Thermo Effect No. 01
  • Layla Cosmetics Thermo Effect No. 04
  • What’s Up Nails Scale Stencils
  • Pearl stud from Icing.

Gosh I love thermal/mood nail polish, even if the only time it changes is when my hands are warm first thing in the morning. I always run cold, so I feel like the effect gets lost on me a little… but I still adore them! In fact, I just bought a few more of the Mood nail polishes from Claire’s (in Spring colours) which I’m very excited to show off. I also definitely need to get my hands on some of the Indie thermals, because Indie brands make some of the most beautiful thermals I’ve EVER seen. & now that I’m back to work, I will definitely be adding them to my “must buy” list.

However I do really enjoy the fact you can find thermal nail polishes while out shopping at the mall. I’ve written before I feel in love with these polishes in early 2010 when Claire’s first released them, & I keep going back & buying more because they are just as awesome to me as they were back then! Hoping they come out with some new shades soon, maybe some neons!? That would make me so happy!

What do you think of these mermaid nails? Do you have a favourite thermal nail polish or thermal polish/brand suggestion? Share all your thoughts in the comments below!

Swatch Post: Layla Thermo Effect Polish N. 4



Today’s post is a polish I am so excited about. As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE thermal effect polishes, ever since my days working at Claire’s when they released their Mood Changing Polishes. So when I saw a post about the new Layla Thermo Effect Nail polishes by Sparkled Beauty (who is a local Halifax beauty blogger) I knew I had to track down these polishes at Lawtons. Two stores later, I found the display of these beauties. Sadly, there were only a couple colors left. =( I went with No. 4 which is described as a Dark to Light pink.


When cold, the polish is a dark pink (almost light plum) color. It’s not a creme polish,  but rather scattered with an almost frosty shimmer. I was nervous at first when I saw this, as I know sometimes frosty polishes can leave brush strokes like crazy, but this one was pretty good at leveling out. I’m really digging the color of this polish while cool.


The polish mid-change (pointer and middle finger) and cold (ring and pinky finger). A lot of the time my nails would resemble my pointer and middle fingers here. Lighter pink down towards the cuticle, to darker purple towards the end of the nail. It’s like having a gradient on your nails, without any of the work!


And finally, the polish while hot (pointer and middle fingers). The change between the warm and cold is awesome! You can really see a difference between the two, which I like. The day I wore this polish it was raining, so every time I went outside and my nails were warm, I would have these cool drops of purple on my nails from where the cold rain had hit them. I like how easily this polish can change from temperature. (I wish I had gotten pictures!)

The application of this polish wasn’t too bad. The polish is sheer, but thick at the same time–it was actually kind of strange. It took three coats to reach full opacity, and took a bit of time to dry (even with Seche Vite as my top coat.) When dry though, it lasted well. I wore these through a full, busy, day of work and ended up with very minimal tip wear.

I’m quite impressed with Layla’s Thermal Effect Polish, and I’m thinking I will have to go back to Lawton’s and pick up some more colors (depending on what is left).