SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Travel in Colour collection.

PR Sample — sent to me free for testing & review.

Happy Sunday lovelies! I know this week has been pretty quiet from me (60 hour work weeks will do that to a girl) but I have some beautiful & fun swatches to share with you today! Sally Hansen has recently come up with a new Miracle Gel Spring collection called Travel in Colour, “inspired by the vibrancy of California & the liveliness of Summer music festivals”. I thought with Coachella starting this weekend it was the perfect time to share these beautiful shades! Especially as I’m sitting in below freezing temperatures with two sweaters on, wishing I was wearing flower crowns & maxi dresses.

I’m all about the Spring vibes right now & anything to get me out of that post-Winter-but-it’s-not-quite-Spring-yet state of mind. I’ve been obsessively using this collection since I received it & it’s hands down my favourite Spring collection I’ve seen so far. There is a shade from every Spring moment you might have.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Frill Seeker

Two coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

The tagline from Sally Hansen for this polish is “feel the adrenaline with this beautiful coral” but I would definitely describe this more as a sandy nude. It’s slightly darker than my own skin tone but very complimentary. It only took two coats for opacity & the formula leveled pretty well — better once your applied the Miracle Gel Top Coat. This is the kind of shade I love as the base for floral nail art (especially colourful ones!) & you can definitely count of me using this a lot!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Little Peony

3 coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Sally Hansen described this shade as a blushing pink, & it definitely has undertones of a blush pink, but it’s pale. This isn’t my first time playing with this polish & I still love it just as much. I’ve said before it reminds me a lot of Buffy’s nails, which was the whole reason I fell in love with nail polish in the first place, & it definitely still does. Totally worth the each coat to get perfect opacity. Oh, & it definitely needs that top coat to finish it off & level it perfectly.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — In the Sheer

3 coats & Miracle Gel Top Coat

Sally Hansen says “Get the move on with this Strawberry shimmer” which is a great description, but I didn’t see any shimmer on the nails. I do love a good sheer for not-quite-negative-space nails, & one coat of this would be a great base on the nail. I did 3 coats for my swatches & struggled to get it perfectly leveled. On it’s own I don’t think I would wear it, but as a base for nail art it’s a great option!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Sweet Tea

2 coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Described as a “peachy orange”, Sweet Tea is a pale pastel orange-y shade that is definitely subtle enough to pass as an almost nude. It took two coats plus top coat for my swatches, & like most of the shades in this collection needs that top coat to fully level down–but that’s common for most pastel shades like this. Surprisingly, I don’t have another shade quite the colour in my collection — I have polishes darker, but nothing this pale. This will be a great nail art base shade & one I can myself wearing on it’s own as well!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Orchid-ing Around

2 coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

This was the first shade I wore after receiving these polishes & I got so many compliments! Sally Hansen described this as a lavender purple, but I think it leans slightly more pinkish. No matter how you describe it, this shade is PERFECTION. It has this electric quality that pops so well on the nail & you can’t help but notice it. I think this is definitely my favourite shade of the whole collection… in fact, it could be my favourite shade of the whole Spring! It’s that good.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Sugar Fix

2 coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

I love me a good Periwinkle Blue, & this one is absolutely lovely. Another shade that just pops so well on the nail & makes you think of sunshine & spring days. Again, this was two coats for full opacity plus the Miracle Gel Top Coat. Honestly, I think adding the top coat really takes these polishes to the next level. It helps level them, on top of helping them last.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel — Lilac Insomniac

2 coats & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Sally Hansen describes this shade as a “Malbec purple” & I won’t lie, I had to look up what malbec meant. It’s a wine–apparently it’s a inky red or violet intense wine. First apparently I need to drink more (ha!) & second intense is definitely a good word for this shade! This is definitely a perfect polish to rock Pantones 2018 shade Ultra Violet. Two coats & top coat, although of all the shades I received this is the only one who wasn’t in dire need of top coat to perfect it.. it was perfect on it’s own. Also this is one of those perfect pedicure shades I always need for Summer!

So that’s Sally Hansen Miracle Gel’s Travel in Colour collection! I’m serious when I say this is definitely my favourite Spring collection. Every shade is one that I’m glad to have in my collection & can definitely see myself using again & again both on it’s own & for nail art. Did any of these shades stand out to you–which one is your favourite?

Share you thoughts in the comments below & let me know what shade you’re loving for Spring!

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