SWATCH SUNDAY — Color Club Crystal Baller

The buzz on the polished Canadians group I’m part of is all about the fact that Color Club Halo Hues collection has been popping up in Winners stores. For those who don’t know, Winners is the Canadian sister of Marshall’s & TJ Maxx & one of my favourite places for nail polish deals! So when I heard this amazing holo collection had been popping up in stores for only $6 a piece, obviously I had to check it out for myself. & Surprise! It was hanging out at my local Winners, & I want all of them.

Even though I wanted want all of them, I decided to limit myself to just one (to start, let’s be honest). Crystal Baller was the one who caught my eye the most, so I decided if I was starting a Color Club Halo Hues collection, that was the one I absolutely couldn’t miss out on. So what better polish to pick for this week’s Swatch Sunday than this gorgeous blue holo.

According to my extensive research (aka. Google) Crystal Baller was released as part of the Color Club Halo Hues 2015 collection. I know if you can’t find these beauties at your local Winners (or if you don’t have a Winners) you can also purchase it via Nail Polish Canada.

For my swatch, this is 2 coats for full opacity. The formula is excellent & applied smoothly & dried quickly! This was my first foray into the world of Color Club holos, & understand why people go so crazy for them! I’m absolutely in love with this stunning cornflower blue.

Putting on this polish, I could help but think of my Layla holos & Ocean Rush. I apparently have a thing for blue holos, but I wondered just how close these two polishes were & if they were dupes.

As you can see, definitely not dupes! Crystal Baller is more purple-blue whole Ocean Rush means more turquoise blue. Obviously both shades are stunning but just that much different that I don’t feel bad about owning both. Not that I ever feel bad about nail polish. Haha. I’m just so happy I found this collection!

Have you found the Halo Hues collection yet? Do you have a favourite from the collection? I’m definitely going back to add more to my holo collections–as soon as I left the store, I knew I needed to go back for Eternal Beauty. & if I few more end up in my shopping bag, well, you can never own too many holos!

Have a great week ahead lovelies!

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