SWATCH SUNDAY — New Limited Edition Quo by ORLY Shades

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great weekend. I’ve spent all weekend running around trying to get ready for my work trip to Ottawa tomorrow! I’m very excited but I’m not sure how posting will go. I’m going to try & post after I get off work, so mostly things will go up at night. I have a few manicures saved up for this week though, so I’ll still have things to share! Today though, I have part two of my Quo by ORLY swatches, this time featuring the regular formula shades new for 2018.


Quo by ORLY Limited Edition Shades

First up, we have some of the newly released Quo by ORLY limited edition shades. All these shades are available at Shoppers Drug Mart currently, for $10 — although, as I said in last weeks post, I find Shoppers has great sales for the Quo by ORLY shades frequently!

Quo by ORLY — Faux Pearl

First shade I have from these limited edition released in Faux Pearl, which is an off white cream shade that leans slightly beige. This was two coats for full coverage & it leveled really well on the nail which is always a plus with shades like this. I’m such a sucker for white/off white/cream polishes & this one is just so pretty. It reminds me a bit of ORLY Decades of Dysfunction so I will definitely have to do a comparison between the two of them!


Quo by ORLY — Mansion Lane

Quo by ORLY Mansion Lane is such a pretty grey, & it makes me so sad because my bottle brush was broken so it was not easy to apply. But I risked nail polish on my hands so I could show you this beautiful dark cement grey. It took 2 coats for full opacity & again we had no issues with leveling (as you can see). This is a shade I’m definitely going out & buying another bottle with a non-broken brush because I can see myself wearing it a lot.


Quo by ORLY — Second Hand Jade

I was really impressed with these Quo by ORLY polishes because the formula on all of them is really good. Second Hand Jade is a dark pine green which also went on in two easy coats. Normally I do go too crazy for green (it’s not really my shade) but there is something about this one I really like. I think it’s the vampy-ness of it that I really love. I would love to see it with a coat of flakie top coat over top. Definitely going to have to try it out!


Quo by ORLY — Stiletto on the Run

You can never go wrong with a good red, & in my opinion you can never have enough red polishes! Stiletto on the Run is a jelly red that applied in 2 coats with only slightly visible nail line. I probably could have applied a third coat to hide it more, but I’ve come to accept that VNL is just something that comes along with red polish. & this is a pretty, squishy red so I can forgive it for it’s touch of sheerness.

Quo by ORLY Spring 2018 Limited Edition Shades

Next up, I have the four limited edition Spring 2018 shades Quo is releasing at the end of February.

Quo by ORLY — Metal Morphosis


First up for these limited edition Spring shades is Metal Morphosis, a champagne gold foil. Well, at least I think a chrome-like finish is what they were kind of going for with these shades. There was a bit of streaking with my brush strokes, but that could be fixed with a thick base coat. The colour itself is so pretty, & I didn’t think I would enjoy the finish as much as I did. If I could reduce my brush strokes, I think I would go absolutely crazy for this polish.


Quo by ORLY — Platina

Next up we have Planita, a stark white with green shimmer finish. This was 2 coats, but of all the polishes I found this had one of the trickiest formulas. You really had to be careful when applying that you didn’t have any bald spots. This is such a pretty white & it reminds me a lot of Essence Outta Space is the Place from Essence Out of Space Stories. I’m definitely going to have to do a comparison between the two when I get back from my work trip to see how closely they match up. The prettiness of the polish is definitely worth the little extra carefulness.


Quo by ORLY — Petal to the Metal

I’m really loving how Spring-y all of these limited edition shades are. This is Petal to the Metal, a pink foil finish polish. This whole collection seems to be all about this chrome-like finish, & I’m loving it… aside from my inability to avoid brush strokes. I feel like with the right base coat & a little more carefulness, you could avoid those strokes. There is no base under these swatches so that has something to do with how mine look. So pretty though & I will definitely be wearing it lots–can you just see it as a half moon paired with a darker purple?


Quo by ORLY — Electrum

Last up we have Electrum, a 2 coat foil finish pale mint green that is absolutely my favourite of all the Spring shades for 2018! For these swatches, I applied base coat to see if it would help the application (plus I planned on wearing it & it definitely did help on my pointer, ring & pinky but then I went & something weird happened on my middle finger. Ugh. But even with my little much up, this one is absolutely my favourite of all the polishes I received. I literally have nothing at all like it in my stash.


So those are Quo by ORLY’s new releases for 2018, & I have to say I’m really loving them. The new Spring collection especially is perfect & I love the metallic finishes! They’re different than most polishes I already own, which is always a plus!

As always, remember you can find these Quo by ORLY shades at your local Shoppers Drug Mart for $10. For my international friends, that means these ones are sadly not available to you–but because Quo by ORLY is the Canadian sister of ORLY you may be able to find their dupes! If you can think of while ORLY polishes these are versions of, let me know in the comments below.


What do you think of these two limited edition collections? Are there any shades you’re absolutely in love with? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


<<PR SAMPLE These items were sent to me for free for review. However, all opinions are my own.>>

2 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY — New Limited Edition Quo by ORLY Shades”

  1. Great review Shannon! I have to say my pick would be the same as yours, Electrum. Gorgeous shade for spring!! It’s beautiful out there today, springs on the way for sure. Have a safe trip to Ottawa! Sherry 😊

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