My Husband Paints my Nails for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!

Today I have a special & fun post I’ve been hoping to do for a while. I’ve been trying to convince my husband he should paint my nails FOREVER (probably as long as we’ve been together), & he finally agreed to do it in honour of Valentine’s Day!   I really wanted to record to whole thing, but I figured it was enough that he was doing them all at so I didn’t want to push my luck too much.  But I did manage to take a few pictures of the whole experience, just for fun! After all, it’s not often someone else does my nails!
I had tried to convince him he should do something Valentine’s Day themed, but since he was the one painting my nails, he was in charge. Which meant I had to try & keep my control issues in check & not try to direct the whole thing, like the control freak I am.  He decided to attempt some stamping, so after flipping through my stamping plates he picked out a few that he liked, he went through my stash (well, the polishes he could see on my shelves haha) & got to business.

Well, first he did some practicing while I made granola bars, & then he got to business!

In case you’re curious the polishes he used for this design:

  • Base Coat: Quo by ORLY Treatment & Shine
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive
  • OPI Life Gave Me Lemons
  • ORLY Brilliant Boysenberry
  • ORLY Frosting
  • OPI Suzi & the Arctic Fox
  • ORLY Bling
  • Morgan Taylor Baby It’s Bold Outside
  • Small & Large Dotting tool
  • Small Detail Brush
  • Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper (item #24059)
  • Random stamping plates from this set

Him: “how do you get it off your skin?”

Me: “I don’t usually get it on my skin.”

Him: “Ohhh… good luck with that.”

Him: “Do you have anything that *does dotting motion*

Me: A dotting tool?

Him: Yeah, one of those.

*Goes & gets two sizes of dotting tools & sits down again.*

Him: Can you draw with these too?

*Goes to get my whole nail art kit.*

On top of his stamping (which was pretty darn good for a first timer) he decided he wanted to do some freehanding: some polka dots & a kitty paw on my ring finger.

& of course you have to finish off the design with top coat. I put it down & he asked me why it was blue haha.

So here is the finished design, prior to clear up:

& the end result (after my best attempt at cleaning them up):

I thought he might have been going to a nautical/ocean theme, but then he painted the kitty paw on my ring finger which threw me for a loop. It was kind of fun to watch him play around with my nail art supplies. I had to try my best not to comment or suggest “helpful tips” because this was his masterpiece, & I didn’t want to impede on his creative process. Although, I mean, I did put the Edge Perfection down in front of him which definitely would have made clean up much easier for me haha.

This is definitely not the colour combination I would have picked… ever. I feel like this is more of a “guy” colour combination, like something you would see on a race car or motorcycle. Not something you would think about wearing on Valentine’s Day of all days, but I’ll just for to compensate by wearing a whole bunch of pink!

& just for a fun, he added a heart on my thumb (so I guess they’re kind of V-day related that way) & some holo polka dots.

& that’s my Valentine’s Day nails, painted by my love! This was definitely a fun, although slightly stressful, experience. I’m not one for letting other people do my nails… ever. Especially when I’m not in control of what they’re doing. But it was a lot fun to watch my hubby try to do what he sees me doing pretty much every night. & I would definitely do it again. Maybe I can even convince him to let me record the whole experience!

Have you ever let your significant other do you nails? Would you ever let somebody else do you nails without having a say in what they do? Let me know in the comments below! & I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day full of love or chocolate or whatever makes you happy. ♥♥♥

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