I just can’t get enough… Chevron nails. 

 Anyone else remember the days of freehanding my chevrons that were sort of lopsided (but don’t get me wrong–I’m still super proud I even did them!) 

Thank goodness for nail vinyls–they make nail art so crazy easy. I’ve been playing around with then a lot lately and found Kiss Products Design Perfection Tip Guides at Wal-Mart for something like $1.99. I love trying new products so I decided to pick them up. They come with 4 different styles per sheet–moon, chevron, zig zag and French manicure. I’ve used the chevrons a couple times, but this was my first time trying out the zig zag vinyls. 

The products I used for this manicure were:

  • Essie Brides No Grooms
  • Essie Tuck it in My Tux
  • Essie Shine of the Times
  • China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars
  • Essie Good to Go
  • Kiss Products Design Perfection Tip Guides
  • Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Studs

I’m super sad Shine of the Times didn’t really show up. If I had been thinking I would have used it over both Tuck it in My Tux and Sleeping Under the Stars. Also how cute are these little studs from Sally Hansen?! Picked up their nail art studs set on sale at Shoppers and I’ve been having fun playing with them. They’re just so itty bitty. 


What in the nail polish/nail art world are you currently obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below! 💙💗

2 Replies to “I just can’t get enough… Chevron nails. ”

  1. I was anti glitter for soo long. Not because I don’t like sparkle but because removing it made me go into a murderous rage. I’ve recently tried peel off base coat and now I can’t get enough GLITTER!! I know I’m super late to the party but better late than never 😉

    1. I truly believe peel off base coat saves lives because I’m the same over glitter removal. My husband has seen the rage haha. It’s the worst! I also love that I can use peel off base coat around my cuticles for gradients!

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