Deborah Lippmann Let’s Go Crazy 

Sometimes a girl just needs a little sparkle in her life. 

Especially in the middle of January with another winter storm looming.  


A while ago (May maybe?) I was at Winners and picked up a pack of Deborah Lippmann minis. I’ve never owned any of her polishes, so when I saw a deal like that (I think I paid $19.99 for all of them) I couldn’t pass it up. Then I tucked them away and kind of forgot I bought them. Whoops. The other day though, when I was trying to decide something quick to wear on my nails, I saw my little minis peeking out and decided it was a good day for glitter. I grabbed Lets Go Crazy which is a purple jelly packed with glitters. Since I was feeling a little lazy, I decided to layer it over OPI Black Cherry Chutney to cut down on coats. 

I love glitter, I really do. Whenever I wear it I will pretty much spend the whole day staring at my nails, distracted. Glitter removal on the other hand… not so much! But this polish was surprisingly easy to remove without too much much fuss. 

Also check out that shine thanks to Essie Good to Go. In the first picture that pink you see is actually the reflection of my cellphone. Now that is a shiney top coat! 😍❤️

What’s your favourite glitter? Do you like to wear it full blown, or as more of an accent? I think my all time favourite glitter has to be Revlon Whimsical. It’s just so pretty and girly and perfect. 

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