Essie Dive Bar 

 I’ve been dreaming about Essie Dive Bar ever since I saw it at Shoppers two years ago on clearance, and didn’t buy it. When I went back to get it because I had to have it it was gone. And I was sad. 

Thank goodness for Marshalls. A few weeks back I spotted it and suffice to say–it’s MINE! And I love it so much. 


 Started off with two coats of perfection (aka Dive Bar) and topped with top coat. I should have taken a picture but whoops! After it was dry, I grabbed my gold Stripr Rite striper and created a few geometric stripes.  I then Sealed everything in  with top coat again, and then thought “I bet this would look beautiful mattified”. I had to  grab my L’oreal The Matte Velvet top coat and… 😍. You can see the end result. 

Even more perfection! Is there anything that matte top coat doesn’t make more beautiful?! 



I even (unintentionally!) matched my dress to my nails because I’m cool like that.   
What is #1 polish on your I Need To Own That list? Now that I finally own Dive Bar I’ll need to find a new one! I’ve been on a serious quest for Essie Bell Bottom Blues from their Fall collection and it keeps slipping out of my grasp! I want it so bad! Let me know yours in the comments! 

Have a lovely day! 💗

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