Wham! Pow! Justice League Nails!

Like I promised, I have a fun manicure to share with you today. I’ve been itching to try a newsprint manicure as (1) it looked relatively easy and (2) I have never tried one before. But I didn’t want to just grab an old newspaper–I wanted to try something different. So I started Googling “paper transfer nail art” and found this link to an old blog post about making your own nail art decals by printing stuff off with your printer. It’s the same as a newsprint manicure, except instead of using newspaper you can use anything your heart desires!

And you know what my heart desires? Superheroes.


Basically I typed “Golden Age Justice League” into Google, found a picture I liked of the group that I felt like I could print out small enough, and still be able to place each individually, and then followed steps from the above tutorials. I had originally painted my nails the base color (China Glaze White on White) the night before, and tried placing them but the colors didn’t adhere at all. So I took that all off, repainted them my base, waited about 45 minutes and tried again. Bam! Pow! Wham! That definitely worked. And then end result?




Now obviously they’re not perfect mirrored images, but I kind of like the distressed look as it’s more resembles a comic book. Also only some of the color transferred over from the paper to the nail, but again I like how it turned out. (I also had a bit of paper stick to the nail when it transferred, but I just dabbed it down with the rubbing alcohol, and then applied two coats of  Essence Gel Look top coat and one coat Essie good top coat over each nail to seal it in.)  I’m always nervous trying something I’ve never done before, and it took me a couple tries to figure out how to make it work, but the initial frustration means nothing with such a pretty end result!

The only pain was cleaning up the ink off of my fingers after I had sealed in the nails. Oh man, Batman got me good–I had so much blue and black ink around my cuticles, which you can still kind of see in the pictures (and I scrubbed with nail polish remover to get rid of it!) Next time I would definitely cut closer to the top of the design so that way I don’t have to worry about covering my fingers in ink!

So what do you think of my Justice League? Have you ever tried a newsprint manicure, or one by printing off your own pictures? Now that I’ve done these I definitely think it is a cute way of getting detailed images on your nails that you might not always be able to paint yourself.  =)

Say what you think!

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