Holographic stripes.

I’ve been coveting a holographic polish for a long time, but hadn’t yet managed to add one to my stash. However I was at Shoppers the other week, and happened to stumble across Holographic Hero by Gosh–on sale to boot!–and knew I had to own it.

holographic5 holographic7

Holographic Hero is a silver holo that goes on opaque in two coats. This is one of those polishes that definitely requires a bit of time to dry before coats, as it can drag if it’s too wet, leaving bald spots. However, once dry the polish is spectacular on the nail! I couldn’t stop staring at it! Not sure why I waited this long to buy a holo, but I’m definitely going to need to add more to my stash. So pretty!

Now Day 7 of the OMD Challenge is holographic, so I figured now that I had the right tools, I could totally create something fun with my new polish. I decided on a tape manicure, and holographic stripes.

holographic6 holographic3 holographic2 holographic

Sadly, my stripes ended up wonky on a couple fingers–a result of trying to do these later at night, and after a couple drinks (and not pressing down the tape hard enough so that the polish wouldn’t bleed under the tape.) I used China Glaze Flying Dragon for the purple which is one of my all time favorite purple polishes, and everything was topped with Essie Good to Go Top Coat. I can’t wait to play around with this polish a little more–it’s just so pretty and sparkly. Even though it’s hard to capture on camera, it’s very striking in person.

And, just for fun, here are my nails with my new bottle of Biotin. I found this also at Shoppers. Biotin is my go vitamin for my nails (and hair). I noticed SUCH a difference when I’m using it. I was impressed when I found these. They’re cool–they dissolve under your tongue, and taste like cherry. And they’re a much higher dose than I usually take, so I’m hoping they work even better.


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