More gradient fun!

The other day my friend Jenn came over, and let me do her nails. We had talked about it in advance, and she told me she wanted me to create something “professional but fun”. In the end we decided to go with a gradient. I haven’t done a lot of manicures and nail art on other people–with the exception of my roommate. But it was really fun to do, and she really liked them so I was glad.



For this manicure, I used Rimmel’s Reggae Splash as my base color, and China Glaze Thataway as my tip color. They two really compliment each other, I think–and Thataway has a very subtle shimmer in it which gives it a little extra something. I’m really glad she liked them, because I really love how they turned out. It was a little weird doing someone else’s nails, if only because her nail beds are so tiny! But I think this was definitely a nail art success.

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