SWATCH SUNDAY — New Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengtheners


Hello lovelies & happy Sunday! Can you believe this is the last week of April? Didn’t this month just start?

Today’s Swatch Sunday post is going to be a little bit different! I was recently sent the most amazing PR package featuring the new Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengtheners.

According to the Essie Website:

born from breakthrough and brand new nail bonding technology, hard to resist is here to help bond weakened nail surfaces to improve fragile, brittle nails.

Both base coats are vegan, formulated without formaldehyde & are supposed to help your nails feel less brittle in three days.

I thought for this week’s Swatch Sunday, it would be fun to do a post showing off a before & after of how these tinted base coats work, featuring something I don’t show off very often: my naked nails.

These are my naked nails — obviously they are quite stained, which is a result of wearing nail polish on my nails 90% of the time. While I always wear base coat on my nails (usually at least two coats) my nails still seem to be very prone to staining. & that’s okay. They also can be a bit brittle, which has a lot to do with the fact I work a job that is very rough on my hands.

So let’s see how these new Essie Hard To Resist Base Coats do to beautiful my nails.

Essie Hard TO REsist Nail Strengthner — 00 Glow & shine

First up, we have the pink rose tinted strengthener Glow & Shine. This one is designed to provide a natural glow to my nails.

On my pointed & middle nails I have 2 coats of base coat, which my ring & pinky are still naked. It definitely does give the nail a nice rosy glow, as it says. & while it doesn’t hide my yellowing, it gives it a nice enough tint & gloss that I don’t mind the overall look.

& a close up of how it looks on all four nails.

Essie Hard TO REsist Nail Strengthner — 01 Neutralize & Brighten

Next up, we have the one I’ve been most excited to try — neutralize & brighten. This one is designed to neutralize yellow tones on your nails, kind of like how purple shampoo tones down the yellow in blonde hair.

Again, I’m wearing two coats of base coat on my pointer & middle finger, while my ring & pinky are naked. I feel like for my nails, two coats of base coat isn’t quite enough to hide my severe yellowing, but it still gives a nice base to my nails. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but I do like the results.

& the close up of all four nails. There definitely is a difference, & it does calm down the yellow slightly. Plus the gloss finish is really nice.

What do you think of these new Essie Hard to Resist Strengtheners? Have to tried either of their new releases? I’ve always been a fan of Essie Base Coats, & they’ve been my go-to since the beginning of my nail polish journey. I’m excited to give these a long term go, & see what overall effect these have on my nails. Plus I think they will be a great base for negative space nail art, which I’ve been really itching to do lately!

These Essie base coats are currently available, & should be able to be found wherever Essie is sold. My local Shoppers Drug Mart has them on sale for $9.99 CAD right now.

Have a great Sunday!

These items were sent to me for review. However, all opinions are my own

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