FASHION FRIDAY — Reacting to Old Outfits

Hello lovelies & happy Friday.

Today I have a bit of a different Fashion Friday post to share with you. I’ll be honest — like in self isolation means the majority of the time I’m wearing comfy pants & my favourite sweatshirts, which while I think I look adorable, aren’t really the most fashion forward looks. So I had a really fun idea for today’s post — I thought I would react to old fashion looks from my old blog!

Once upon a time, aka 10+ years ago, I used to document my daily fashion looks. It’s been a while since I went through that old blog, but I actually really love looking at old pictures & old outfits — it’s like a time capsule into another time in my life.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane!



Okay, so first off say hello to my late teens, early 20s bedroom–it was so purple! & busy. Secondly, this was me channeling my inner boho queen, ala Mary Kate Olsen. The braided headband, the silky slip dress. This was a look, but I don’t hate it. Actually, all I can think about right now is “man, I wish I knew where that dress was!”

First off, hello Diane Von Furstenberg top from this post. Looking at this look its definitely something I would probably still wear, although with higher waist jeans because let’s be honest: I’ve had two kids. I don’t think low slung jeans are in the future anytime soon. But it’s comfy & casual, & a nice pop of colour.

Oh man! That heart necklace used to be my absolute favourite & I seriously wore it everywhere & with every outfit. Also I remember I used to wear that jean skirt so much — it was one of my favourite Summer items. & the layers. Have you noticed I love a good cardigan — that has definitely not changed.

This outfit was totally inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer & I remember that was one of the reasons I adored that blue cardigan so much. According to the blog post that accompanied this look, I bought it the Summer before 10th grade, specifically because it reminded me of Buffy. I’m pretty sure I wore it until it started unraveling, which was definitely a very sad day for me.

Ooooh I found that shirt at Winners for $5 & I wore the heck out of it. Looking at this outfit totally just reminds me of University, because I wore this shirt quite frequently – on its own, with a cardigan over it, with a tshirt under it. The outfit possibilities were endless. Also I still own those jeans, but they’re definitely a lot more faded now!

Oh man, this outfit was my Summer uniform once upon a time: blue shirt dress, pink (faux) Balenciaga bag, heart necklace. I kind of wish I still had this dress, but I think it was donated long ago. I’m definitely goi mg to be searching out one for this summer (whenever life resumes as normally).

Oh man, this outfit! Honestly, I think of every outfit I’ve ever put together, this has to be one of my favourites. I was inspired by the Sex & the City movie when Carrie wears this, & I remember I had these crazy studded heels that I was absolutely in love with, but hurt so much to wear. I do still own this dress (I think it’s Charlotte Russe) & I cant wait for warmer days to wear it again.

Oh man, first off: this makes me want bangs again really bad. Second this was such a cute work outfit from back in the day. I think I only wore that t-shirt once & then it disappeared which I remember being really mad about, because it reminded me of Andy Warhol, & I was completely obsessed with the 60s at the time.

I feel like this is a very “me” outfit — I used to be obsessed with layering these flirty shirts over tanks. Also this shirt was from the 11th grade, & (I think) from Le Chateau. Yes, I remember random things like that. I have this weird sentimental attachment when it comes to certain items of clothing, I can’t help it!

Oh gosh, the first thing I’m noticing is the wrinkles in that dress. Ugh. But this is such a cute Summer look & now I’m dying for warmer weather! I really did used to have SO much fun getting dressed, & this really is inspiring me to do it again. Also I need to figure out a better set up for taking pictures, because honestly these Macbook camera photos are way better than the stuff I’m currently taking. Haha.



So what do you think about these OOTD looks from my past? Do you have take a look back at the outfits you used to wear? Let me know what you think down in the comments below, & let me know if you’d like to see any more posts like this! Maybe a “I recreate old outfits” post in the future?


4 Replies to “FASHION FRIDAY — Reacting to Old Outfits”

  1. Gotta say, loving your styles here! You have good taste 😀

    Yup in isolationg, PJs for us mainly. My other half has to work though, as his just is key.

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