FASHION FRIDAY — My Top Five Favourite Thift Finds (Ever!)

Hello lovelies & Happy Friday!

I’m back from my mini vacation & feeling refreshed. & feeling ready to get back to blogging! Today’s blog post is all about my all time favourite thrifted pieces.

Once upon a time my closet used to be made up of almost entirely thrifted items! It was almost a game of what I could find — & I’ve found some pretty amazing pieces over the years! So I thought it would be fun to share a few with you guys!

Diane Von Furstenberg Blouse

First up, I am sharing this beautiful coral & yellow paisley print blouse from Diane Von Furstenberg which I thrifted from Frenchy’s in my prime thrifting days — circa 2009 or so. It was $3 & even after 11 years it’s still one of my favourite Spring shirts! The pattern is bright & colourful, the fit is incredibly flattering, & it always makes me feel so pretty to wear. Plus I adore the fact you can dress it up, or dress it down. Definitely one of my favourite finds!

Label-less Brown Beaded Kimono Blouse

This shirt was one of those thrifting finds that you see & you just know you need to buy it, even if you can’t think of anywhere you can wear it. There is no label anywhere, but it’s one of those shirts that just makes you feel so special when you wear it. I love the neutral brown shade with the pop of pink at the waist. I’ve only worn this top once, maybe twice but I will never part with it because it’s so special to me.

Betsey Johnson Paisley Print Dress

I’ve been in love with anything Betsey Johnson for as long as I can remember, & so when I found this gorgeous paisley dress circa 2009, I couldn’t contain my glee! 11 years on, this still remains my all time favourite Summer dress, the one I return to year after year. & honestly, I can’t foresee myself ever parting with it because it’s just too special to me. Maybe I can pass it on to my little girl someday (hopefully she has the same excitement about shopping her Mother’s vintage clothing as I did!)

Label-less Cat Print Blouse

This is actually a brand new thrifting find for me & one I’m really excited about. Anyone who knows me knows I am a true crazy cat lady, & every crazy cat lady needs to wear her love on her sleeve! As soon as I saw this fun printed blouse, I knew that I needed it in my closet. This actually reminds me of a romper I once saw (& sadly didn’t buy), & I think it will be so cute paired with a skirt, or jeans, or dress pants!

H&M Bird Print Dress

Another new thrifted find that I actually bought in the Fall & literally did a dance about in the store! This might actually be my MOST exciting thrift find ever! I’ve dreamed about this dress ever since I saw on Rachel Berry in season 2 of Glee, & the closest I came to it was the matching shirt. So you can bet how excited I was when I randomly stumbled across this dress at my local thrift store — & in my size to boot! I can’t wait for Summer because this dress will most certainly be worn a lot!

Going through these pieces really made me remember why I used to love thrifting so much! There is a certain game in the whole hunt of what you might find. My goal for 2020 is actually to almost exclusively thrift shop! Obviously it has a better environmental impact as opposed to buying brand new, but I just love the idea of discovering a new “treasure”. & I’ll definitely be sure to post about my thrifting adventures!

Do you have a favourite thrift find? Let me know down in the comments below!

4 Replies to “FASHION FRIDAY — My Top Five Favourite Thift Finds (Ever!)”

    1. Thanks! I am excited to get back into it! It’s just so fun. You never know what treasures you’ll find! (My mom once found a Vera Wang dress that now sits in my closet — it deserves a post all its own!)

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