Blue Chevron Claws

I received my Snail Vinyls nail vinyls order the other day, & immediately needed to break them out for some nail art. As part of my order, I ordered their Single Chevron Variety Pack because my selection of chevrons was sadly dwindling. & the ones I was most excited for from the collection? The Deep Single Chevron nail vinyls!

I’ve done Chevron claws a few times using straight vinyls or striping tape, but it’s not the easiest. I’m loving these vinyls because it takes the hard part out of it–all you need to do is line them up on the nail straight! Sure that took me a few tries to make sure they were straight, but the end result looks really awesome. Chevron claws are like the cool big sister to chevron moons, so obviously I love them! I’m really excited it will be so easy for me to do them now. 
For this mani, I used:

What do you think of these chevron claws? This was my first time using Snail Nail Vinyls, but they were easy to use, & produced nice clean lines (as you can see!) When it comes to a designs like this, clean & crisp lines are very important!

Also I really like the darkness of Bell Bottom Blues over In The Cab-ana. The shimmer of Bell Bottom Blues is just so pretty, especially when it catches the light. It just pairs with the light creamy  blue of In The Cab-ana so well. And they still have that Summer-y vibe, even with the darker blue sparkle.

Now that I have my lighting situation figured out, I’ve been working on taking different shots for the blog to show off my manis. Obviously I’ll never tire of my coffee shots, but I want to show off different angles of my designs so you get the whole look (including the occasional shot of my Cinderella hand!) I want to give my blog as much character as possible, so it’s as enjoyable to read as it is for me to write!



What do you think of these chevron claws? As always, let me know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for more chevron nails featuring these awesome vinyls from Snail Vinyls!

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