Pastel Stripes, and a few “diamonds” for good measure.

Finally!  Something that isn’t just polka dots. 😉

I bought some new stripers last week at–of all places–the Dollarama! They’re by the brand Mariposa, whose polish I’ve featured in manicures before. I really love stripers as I’m not as good at using striping tape for manicures. Since I hadn’t had a chance to test out my new stripers yet, I decided to pull them out yesterday to see what they could do. And the end result? I’m very happy with it. The brush is thin, which is important so you don’t end up with gloopy, ugly freehand lines. Also the polish is fairly opaque which means they could be used over darker colors as well.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit.
  • Mariposa Striping Polish in Mint.
  • Mariposa Striping Polish in Pink.
  • OPI I Snow You Love Me.
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.




So what do you think of this stripey manicure? Also, I’m seriously digging I snow you love me and all the glitter placement possibilities. From a distance, it looks like you have rhinestones on your nails, as they catch the light really well. It’s only when you look up close you see that they’re flat and glitters. Love, love, love.

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