Back to Bright.

One slightly subdued manicure, and I’m already back to the bright colors. I just can’t escape them. The calender says it’s almost Summer–even if the weather won’t agree–and my mind instantly craves anything bright.

Today’s mani came as a result of having no idea what I wanted to wear on my nails. After spending 20 minutes going through my stash, plagued with indecision, I finally decided on China Glaze’s Metro Pollen-tin from the Spring collection, with ACO by Ardene in Hot Tamale on my pinky. Originally I was just going to do a simple polka dot accent nail, but as you can see once I started with the dots…. I just couldn’t stop! They even spread to my thumb!


Unfortunately I used way too many polishes on my accent nails to remember them off the top of my head. However, the main polishes I used were China Glaze’s Metro Pollen-tin and ACO by Ardene Hot Tamale which has to be one of my favorite pinky-corals. In person, it is much more neon but still manages to apply in two slightly thick coats. It was my go-to color last Summer, and I have a feeling this Summer will be no different.



So many colors!

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