SWATCH SUNDAY — China Glaze Autumn Spice (Fall 2021)

Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

I don’t know what September’s been like in your neck of the woods so far, but here in Halifax we’re in full on Fall mode. With is perfect timing, because I have the brand new China Glaze Autumn Spice collection to share with you! I ordered this beautiful Autumn collection via Beyond Polish Canada last Friday, & it quickly arrived on Tuesday! To say I was excited would be an understatement. This was the first time in a long time that I saw a whole collection & knew that I needed every single one of them.

So let’s get to the swatches shall we?

China Glaze – The Snuggle Is Real (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

2 coats, no top coat

First up, we have The Snuggle Is Real, a creamy nude with brown undertones. I feel like this is a lovely neutral shade. Kind of reminds me of a nice camel coat, which is my Autumn dream coat. The formula is really nice on this shade — as it is for then entire collection — & I quite like how it looks on my nails. It also is a fantastic base for nail art, as I’m sure you saw from my previous post.

China Glaze – Autumn’s Up! (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

2 coats, no top coat

Next up in the collection is Autumn’s Up, a vibrant mustard yellow. This shade just screams Fall to me! Honestly, I never really used to be into yellows, but the last few years I’ve slowly come around to be a big yellow polish lover — especially these mustard-y yellows that get released for Autumn. The formula was a little bit streakier on this shade than the rest, but still really easy to work with. Two coats was still perfect.

China Glaze – Spice To Meet You (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

2 coats, no top coat

Ooh next up in the collection we have one of the shades that was a surprise favourite for me: Spice To Meet You. This darker orange was another easy to apply shade, settling to perfect opacity with two coats. I think what stands out to me most about this shade is that it’s darker than your typical oranges, so it’s perfect for that Autumn mood. Like I could very easily see me using this as the base for a pumpkin design. But it also gives me some PSL vibes. Very perfect for all the Fall vibes you’re trying to invoke.

China Glaze – Loves You A Latte (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

2 coats, no top coat.

Next up in the collection, we have another surprise winner: Loves You A Latte. I’m not going to lie, I’m not usually a brown nail polish fan, unless I’m using it for nail art purposes. But, I work in a coffee shop & have made my love of coffee well know, so if there is a coffee related polish in a collection, I kind of need to own it! That being said, I’m actually surprisingly in love with this colour. It’s got a lovely orange-y undertone that just pairs so well with all the other colours in this collection. Again, the formula was really easy to work with, & applied smoothly in just two coats.

China Glaze –Modern Auburn (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

2 coats, no top coat

Oh man, how do I love a red! Next up in the Autumn Spice collection is Modern Auburn, a dark maroon red that just speaks to all my Fall love. The colour is super dark, & rich, & beautiful. Is it the most unique shade? No. I have a few similar reds to this from China Glaze, but I don’t even care because the formula is fantastic, applies easily, & the shade fits into this collection perfectly. So I’m definitely not disappointed that it was included. Plus, as I said, I love a red nail polish so I will definitely reach for this guy frequently.

China Glaze – Love ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em (Autumn Spice Fall 2021)

1 coat, no top coat

& last, but not least, is my favourite from the collection: Loves ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em. As soon as I saw the preview of this blackened green with a funky green/gold shimmer, I knew I was going to be obsessed with it. & I am! It really does have everything I love in an Autumn shade, & I can’t wait to wear it matte. As for the formula, like others have said it is much thicker than the other shades in the collection, which plays to your advantage because it can be applied in one coat, which is always a plus when hit comes to shimmery shades like this.

& that’s the China Glaze Autumn Spice collection for Fall 2021!

What polishes do you love the most from this group? Which shades stand out to you the most? I feel like all these shades pair so well together; I think this is a very cohesive collection. There isn’t one polish that I don’t feel like it it doesn’t belong here. I’m very excited to have all of them in my stash.

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