SWATCH SUNDAY — Londontown USA Winners Finds

Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

Today we’re in uncharted territory—I have 3 shades from a brand I’ve never tried before: Londontown USA. Last week, I visited my local Winners to see what beauties I could find in the clearance section, & found a ton of beauties I just have to bring home with me, including a three pack of these Londontown USA shades.

These three shades were packaged together in a set called “Lilac Mini Trio” but after looking it up online, it looks like they’re all from different collections.

So let’s check out the swatches!

Londontown — Jane Austen

3 coats

First up, I have Jane Austen, which is a beautiful milky pink white. It was originally released as part of the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection. The formula is pretty thin, which is why I needed 3 coats, but applies absolutely beautifully. The shade itself is a really nice neutral, & I adore it. Between the easy of application, & the delicate shade, I’m really in love with it!

Londontown — Bell Flower

2 coats

Next up, we have Londontown Bell Flower, a super soft dusty pink that was originally released as part of their 2017 Fall collection. The formula on this one was super creamy & easy to apply — all my swatches are without top coat, & you can really see how shiny & glossy the polish is all on its own! Definitely impressed with the formula on all these shades.

Londontown — Opal

2 coats

Last but not least, we have Londontown Opal, which was actually the shade that sold me on this little polish trio! Originally it was released as part of a Summer 2018 duo set. Opal is a beautiful grey lavender, with an irredentist blue shimmer I just could not capture in my pictures. But I do adore the almost speckled effect it gives off on the nail. Such a beautiful romantic shade that would be perfect for some floral!

Over all, I’m really really impressed with my first experience with this brand, & I’ll definitely be seeking out to check out more of their shades! So far, I’ve only ever come across them in person at my local Winners/Marshall’s, but you can purchase direct from their website as well. I also saw that Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty has also started carrying the brand on their website (not sure about in store) so that’s really exciting as well for us Canadian gals, especially since Winners & Marshall’s can be hit or miss when it comes to searching out nail polishes, especially if you’re on the hunt for a particular one.

What do you think about these three beautiful shades? Have you ever tried Londontown USA before? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below, & which of these 3 shades you’d rock first!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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