FASHION FRIDAY — My 5 Favourite Dresses for Spring (from my own closet)

Hello lovelies & happy Friday. & happy first FULL day of Spring!

It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day too long. & even though it doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started dreaming about wearing all my favourite Spring-y dresses — literally, as soon as it’s warm enough I don’t think about wearing pants. I’m all about the dress. So just for fun I thought I’d share my 5 favourite dresses to wear when it comes to warmer months, all from deep in my own closet!

Tea N Rose Asymmetrical Shoulder Dress

This has been a favourite dress of mine since I first bought it back in early 2015. I found this dress at Pseudio, a Canadian clothing store, & I think it was like $10 on clearance or something, which is my favourite way to shop! I love everything about this dress, from the cute asymmetrical shoulder detail, to the little ruffle at the neckline. The cut is really flattering, & I love the fact that it doesn’t hit too short on me — I’m petite, but tall so sometimes I have trouble finding dresses that fit but aren’t too short. This one falls at the perfect length! Usually if I’m wearing it for work, I’ll throw a jean jacket over top to finish the look & slip on my favourite black flats.

Bluenotes Floral Maxi Dress

This is probably one of the most used maxi dresses in my closet since I bought it two years ago! I love that it’s long, I love the high neckline, & I love the fact I can totally get away with wearing it without a bra because of the ruching details that holds everything in (I’m normally a small B cup.) I actually wore this dress a lot last Spring/Summer at the end of my pregnancy, & it fit easily over my 9 month pregnant belly! It will be a go to dress for me again this summer, especially with how easy it is just to throw on! (& it’s floral — can’t forget about the floral!)

Ardene Floral & Lace Dress

Another dress with floral — I hope you weren’t expecting anything less. I actually bought this dress early in my pregnancy with my son because it reminded me of a dress Keira Knightley wore while pregnant, but has ended up being a staple in my dress wardrobe over the the Summers since! It looks really good dressed up with some strapping sandals, or with a jean jacket over top to dress it down. It’s super comfy, & a stretchy which is always a plus for me when it comes to my dresses. I like to be comfy. Also the hem hits just above the knee, so this is another great option for a wear to work dress.

Cocolove Geometric Pattern Dress

Another Pseudio clearance find from a few years back, I absolutely love this dress is kind of different from the usual patterns I love; the colour for one (green & orange) is totally out of my comfort zone, & yet some how it quickly became one of my favourite dresses to wear! The fit is really nice too, for those days where you’re not feeling your best, as the cinched waist will hold everything in & leaves you feeling secure, but not strangled. Again the hemline isn’t too short on me, which means I can wear it to work without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions.

Smart Set Empire Waist layered dress

Last but not least we have a dress dating back to my University days. In fact, here is a post from my older blog life showing off this beauty of a dress almost 11 years ago. It made me feel pretty then, & wearing it still makes me feel pretty! I love the busy pattern on it, I love the colours, I love the fit. & the best part is you can wear it in the heat of summer, or in those early spring days with some added tights & a cardigan or little jacket. I couldn’t imagine parting with this dress, it’s just one of those clothing pieces that holds so many memories for me.


So that is a tour of my favourite dresses for Spring from my own closet. & I’m not going to lie, I had a hard time only picking 5! Dresses are just my most favourite thing to wear, & I’m getting excited we’re ALMOST back to dress weather.


Would you like to see more dresses from my closet? What occasion would you like to see me share ideas for? Share down in the comments below!

2 Replies to “FASHION FRIDAY — My 5 Favourite Dresses for Spring (from my own closet)”

  1. These are nice dresses 😀

    We had sunshine today in Scotland, but as of tonight most stores, pubs and restaurants are closing until further notice!

    1. Oh wow, that’s so crazy! This really is history in the making… just not the kind of history we all want to be experiencing!

      & thank you. I love a good dress & if I can’t go outside I mine as well wear them around the house!

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